Creating That Feeling Of Connection In The Dental Office

There’s something comforting about the pitter-patter of raindrops on the rooftop during the early hours of the morning…

That musical note that emanates from your gutters as the rainwater passes from the sky, via your roof, to the ground..


And it’s even more comforting, sitting, listening to these sounds, in the dead of night, or early morning, as it is right now, as I have become accustomed to..

There is something to be said about the rain, and knowing that although it’s cold and wet outside, that inside, you’re wrapped up, and secure, and warm.


And safe.

In the dark of early morning, there’s a reassurance.

Because it’s only these sounds of the rain that you hear.

There’s no visual.

Because, it’s dark out there at 3:52am on a Tuesday morning.

It’s a remarkable feeling, that feeling of “security”.

That feeling of right, and O.K.

Knowing that you’re in the right place; that you’re in the best place for you to be, at this moment.

It’s a pleasant place to be..

Which got me thinking, that this is the same feeling we try to create for our patients when they visit our Dental Office.

We want them to feel safe, and secure…

Like our Office is the safest, warmest place on Earth.

And that there’s nowhere else in the world they’d rather be, to be receiving their Dental Treatment.

And that’s because of the warmth, and caring that you and your team exude and convey every time your valued customers come visit your Dental Office.

You make a visit to the Dentist *NOT* like a visit to the Dentist.

You make it not like anything else they’ve ever felt before.

A visit to your Dental Office is like a visit to a friend’s home.

It’s a visit to a friend, where Dentistry happens to be performed.

Because your people, your staff and team members, are just so warm and friendly.

That it’s more about them connecting with your clients than it is about you achieving those firm tight contact points.

Your patients are visiting you because of the way you and your team, and your Office makes them feel.

Because, really, they can get “dentistry” done just about anywhere…

But get an *Experience*?

That’s a whole new ball game.

I’m often astounded, at my Dental Office, to see patients still present, visiting and chatting away up front, some 30-45 minutes after leaving the Treatment Rooms.

Because it’s not about the Dentistry.

It’s about the Connection.

It’s about the Experience.

As distant thunder rumbles in, as lightning occasionally flashes, as the sound of rain dribbles along my gutters, I feel a warmth, a connection, that all is good and right at this point of time….

If I close my eyes, I could be anywhere safe…

Because that’s how I feel…

Do you feel it?

Do your valued customers and patients feel it….


The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb. If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

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