Creating The Complete List Of Experiential Standards Necessary For Your Dental Office To Become The Most Highly Respected Practice In Your Town

How does a dental practice owner go about taking his practice from having few processes or even no processes whatsoever, to a practice that runs like a well-oiled machine operating on a carefully thought out sequence of logical systems?

The transition that a dental practice must move through from being a disorganised rabble to becoming a well-planned sequence of necessary logical processes is one that every dental practice needs to traverse to ensure that it functions smoothly and seamlessly.

Building a functional well-oiled machine is a systematic process, that can be done.

And we know that every dental practice has the opportunity of creating it’s own blueprint for operational success.

We already know and understand that the establishment of a community’s respect towards their dentist can be affected in both positive and negative ways.

Having well-structured and logical systems that flow smoothly and allow your dental practice to function like a well-oiled machine goes a long way towards building that respect from your community.

A dental practice that has created a blueprint of logical systems of operation will definitely operate with smoother flow than one with no processes, creating greater profitability for the practice, and ultimately unleashes the practice to live up to its maximum potential.

Experiential Standards.

All businesses and organisations need structure to operate effectively and efficiently.

The logical systems of each business, and the complexities of those systems, is what separates the great businesses from the average businesses, and also from those businesses that struggle.

Businesses that struggle usually do so because they have no structure and standards under which they operate.

These poorly organised businesses usually are operating with highly disjointed functionality, and are rarely profitable because of their lack of processes.

Every business tries to put forward some form of “list” of OPERATIONAL STANDARDS, that it thinks it needs to do to function as an “organised” business.

However these piecemeal lists are usually so incomplete that they often aren’t worth the paper that they’re written on.

What these businesses are trying to create is a list of their thoughts of things that they must do or shouldn’t do so as not to go bankrupt.

When what they really need to be doing is creating a complex BLUEPRINT OF EXPERIENTIAL STANDARDS, that clearly defines the FEELINGS that the practice should be attempting to create for their customers each and every time that those customers come in contact with their dental practice.

An EXPERIENTIAL STANDARD is defined as a standard that your dental office sets for a task that is a regular item for YOUR OFFICE to perform, but is not something that the average dental office out there would consider performing.

[An Operational Standard, on the other hand, would be a task or procedure that would be performed in every dental office, no matter where that office was located.]

The sought after well-respected dental practice in the community is where it is because it operates on a COMPLETE BLUEPRINT that covers all situations that can occur in the day-to-day operations of the dental office. At any point in time that dental practice can seamlessly swing into a systematic response that always has the customer in awe of the business’s logical systems and processes.

Having the necessary blueprint in place is no accident.

The dental practices in your community that have established their position of standing are operating using a SOLID BLUEPRINT of logical systems and standards.

In order for your dental practice to unleash its maximum potential, it needs to be known in your community as THE dental practice that CONSISTENTLY OPERATES using those LOGICAL SYSTEMS that continually produce only the best outcomes for your patients..

So with that in mind, may I ask you a question…

On a scale from one to ten, how well do you believe that your dental practice has a COMPLETE BLUEPRINT of LOGICAL SYSTEMS that consistently produces only the best experiences for every one of your patients, each time that those patients visit your practice?

On the scale, a score of one is where you don’t believe your practice has any form of logical blueprint, and a score of ten is a state of mind where you and your team believe unconditionally that there is no other dental practice in your community that operates using the standards that your practice does on a consistent and regular basis?

Where do you believe that your dental practice is on that scale from one to ten?

Our signature program, The Ultimate Patient Experience, helps our clients create and deliver the necessary processes to create ALL OF the logical systems for the blueprint they need for their practice that helps each of our clients to improve how smoothly their practices operate.

A dental practice that operates as smoothly as a well-oiled machine does so because of its logical systems and its complete list of Experiential Standards that it delivers consistently to each of its patients.

And those systems and standards determine the strength of the dental practice’s BLUEPRINT.

Establishing that complete list of EXPERIENTIAL STANDARDS in your practice is the second accelerator we apply to the lever that transforms your dental office into that well-oiled machine, helping your dental business on its way  to unleashing its maximum potential.


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