Creating The Necessary Frameworks For Your Dental Office That Help Make It The Most Respected Practice In Your Town

Last week I wrote discussing the serious question about how a dental practice owner goes about building a practice that is highly respected within its own community, and is totally trusted by each and every one of its valued patients.

The transition that a dental practice needs to move through from being the “new kid on the block” to being highly regarded is one that every dental practice does go through, whether that practice is a “start-up” practice, or whether the practice is an existing practice that has just recently been sold to a new owner.

Respect has to be earned.

It cannot be assumed, and it cannot be taken.

The scepticism and hesitancy of every community towards any new dentist is always present. The only thing that we do know for certain is that the length of time between the arrival of the new dentist in town, and the establishment of respect from the community towards that new dentist can be affected in both positive and negative ways.

The goal is to do everything that you can to shorten that passage of time from being never believed to becoming a totally trusted sage.

A totally trusted dental practice that has created well-earned respect will definitely operate with lower stress and greater profitability, ultimately unleashing and living up to its maximum potential.


All businesses and organisations need structure to operate effectively and efficiently.

The integrity of the structure, or its FRAMEWORK, and the complexities and relevancies of that framework is what separates the great businesses from the good, and the good businesses from the average, and the average businesses from those that struggle.

Those businesses that struggle…

Businesses that struggle usually do so because they have no organisational framework under which they operate.

And as ludicrous as this sounds, there are businesses out there that open their doors to the world each and every morning, with no clue about what their day will involve, and they simply make everything up as they move throughout their day, hoping that at the end of the day that every customer will “hopefully” have been dealt with in some manner that is cosmetically acceptable, will have paid their bill, and will not make a complaint.

These poorly organised businesses usually operate with high stress levels, and are barely profitable because of their lack of framework.

Average businesses… [the hopeful]…

Average businesses, on the other hand, have a minimal degree of organisation that allows them to get by because they create an illusion of organisation, whereas the amount of organisation they actually do have is only slightly more than their unorganised struggling counterparts.

The framework that average businesses operate under are skeletal at best, and even then there are pieces missing.

These businesses get by when they have to and occasionally have small wins to celebrate.

They know that their operations are disorganised and haphazard, and they know that they need to improve their structures, and it is on their to-do-list, but it’s not dated.

So the things that are needed never get done.

Average businesses are still working with HOPE as their primary driver.

Good, competent businesses…

Good, competent businesses do operate under a framework.

These businesses operate under a series of systems and processes that are in operation for more than half the time each day  that their business is operational, but their framework still has its weaknesses.

They feel that what they have in place is good enough for most of the things that they need do, and they are fine with that.

They understand that their frameworks are incomplete, and at times will be found to be lacking, but they are unconvinced on the reward for the business of “going the extra mile” to be regarded as a well-respected business of true greatness.

Great businesses… [that are sought after]…

Lastly, the sought after well-respected and totally trusted dental practice in the community is where it is because it operates on a COMPLETE framework that covers all situations that can occur in the day-to-day operations of a dental office and at any point in time can seamlessly swing into a systematic response that always has the customer in awe of the business’s stress free solutions.

Having the framework in place to be able to cover all bases is no accident or fluke.

A business’s ability to be able to solve any problem or concern of every customer is what really separates the TRULY GREAT BUSINESSES from the competent, the hopeful and the struggling.

The well-respected dental practices in your community have established their position of standing in your community due to a number of reasons, and operating under a SOLID AND STABLE FRAMEWORK is a very important one of those reasons.

In order for your dental practice to unleash maximum potential, it needs to be known in your community as THE dental office that CONSISTENTLY OPERATES under the strongest and most thorough framework producing only the one hundred percent best outcomes for your patients..

So with that in mind, may I ask you a question…

On a scale from one to ten, how well do you believe that your dental office is THE dental practice in your community operating under the most solid and supportive framework that consistently produces only the best experiences and outcomes for each and every one of your patients, each and every time that each patient visits your practice?

On the scale, a score of one is that you don’t believe your practice is the best, and a score of ten is a state of mind where you and your team believe unconditionally that there is no other dental practice in your community that operates as well as your practice does on a consistent and regular basis?

Where do you believe that your dental practice is on that scale from one to ten?

Our signature program, The Ultimate Patient Experience, helps our clients create and deliver the necessary processes to establish a well-structured, well-organised framework for their practice that will help each client to improve how well their practice is respected within their community.

Well-earned respect in the community is maintained and grown by your dental business’s consistent actions.

And those actions need to be determined by the strength of the framework that supports your day-to-day operations.

Improving your business framework is the second accelerator we apply to the lever that creates well-earned respect for your dental practice, allowing your practice to become totally trusted in the community, and helping your dental business on its way  to unleashing its maximum potential.


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