Creating The Supporting Pillars For Our Customer Service Vision Statement.

Last week I discussed the importance and relevance of having a Customer Service Vision Statement for your Dental Practice.

The Vision Statement is the WHAT that we create in defining our business.

Following on from the WHAT for our business we also need to create the HOW for our business.

The three Supporting Pillars for our Vision Statement are the “How” that we create for our dental practice.

Having a Customer Service Vision Statement and the Supporting Pillars are imperative as the First Step before we even take a look at the customer experience cycles in our business.

The Customer Experience Cycles are the step by step journeys that each of our customers or patients experiences each and every time that they visit our dental practices.

And putting it simply, if we don’t have the What and the How to apply to the Customer Experience Cycles, then it will be a much more difficult task for us to be creating The Ultimate Patient Experience for our practice, won’t it?

The three components or supporting pillars to the Vision Statement are:

  1. Quality
  • Service/Product

What are we delivering exactly?

  • Expertise

Are we perceived to be at the forefront of our field?

  • Technical

Is our product innovative and can we explain it in an interesting manner?

  • Operationally

Do we have all our ducks in a row with this product. Do we know what we are doing?


  1. Customer Interaction
  • Hospitality

Are we friendly and approachable with our customers?

  • Relationship

Do we see our customers as friends, or simply as patrons? Do we look at them from a financial point of view?

  • Connection

Are our team members really making that emotional “connection” with our customers?

  • Personalisation

Are our responses to each and every patient and customer tailored to each of those customers, as opposed to being of a generic or “vanilla”.


  1. Above and Beyond
  • Exceed

Are we looking for an opportunity to exceed the expectations of our clients and members and guests?

  • Opportunity

The opportunities to exceed our patients’ expectations are always there. We just need to grasp those opportunities as they arise.

  • Proactive

We must be actively on the lookout to be gathering those chances to our patients.

  • Unexpected

Patients do not expect exemplary service from a dental practice. That is why it is so easy to stand out from the regular “noise” out there in the community.


When we have the What and the How to apply to each of the steps of Customer Experience Cycles, then it will be a much more difficult task for us to be creating The Ultimate Patient Experience for our practice, won’t it?


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