Customer Service. It’s 24/7

The thing about customer service is that it’s a full time career.

Or lifestyle choice.

There are no half measures.

It cannot be turned on, or off, like a tap, or faucet.

It can’t be given, or not given, at will.

And the reason for this is because it’s not tolerated to be received piecemeal.

As consumers ourselves, we expect good service.


Each and every time, or moment of the day.

And why shouldn’t we?

Why shouldn’t the people that we deal with, whether on a regular basis or on a casual once off basis, why shouldn’t they give great customer service to us every time we encounter them?

And I’m not just talking in a retail, or business, or a work environment only.

I’m also talking in a social, non-work and even family environment as well.

And I’m also talking in a back of office, or behind the counter moment.

I’m talking everywhere!

Why can’t we be kind, courteous and helpful towards every person we meet and encounter from eyes open in the morning until head on the pillow at nighttime?

You see, some people, it appears, just can’t be nice.

You know them.

When you meet them, in their work environment, *you* are an interruption to them. They don’t want you there, and they have no difficulty in exuding that emotion straight into you, either verbally, or kinesthetically, or both.

And you may not even be a customer to them! You may be a co-worker!!

It can also be the same socially, or at home as well.

How many times have you encountered someone, in the street, in a line, or just plain out and about, who looks and acts like you are an interruption to their day, like you just shouldn’t be where you are, and why the heck don’t you just go away?

And this might not be a total stranger. It could be a family member whose “moment” in time you have interrupted or broken.

And that’s a tough one.

There’s a distinct point of difference or disagreement that can be debated until the cows come home as to whether the “moment interrupter” should be frowned upon or scolded even just because they happen to interrupt.

Should all interruptions be allowed, or expected, and be welcomed with a smile?

Who’s to know?

It’s a real grey area. It’s open ended. That’s for sure!

So, how should we behave when dealing with people, all people?

I believe that great customer service, or great people skills, as they really need to be, are learned skills and not inherent.

Nobody is born with great people skills.

They are acquired.

And as such, they can be learned. And unlearned. And re-learned.

Because that’s all that customer service is…. it’s the skill of learning how to deal with people in our own day to day travels and encounters such that we make a positive difference, or positive impact, to their day.

And why shouldn’t we try to do that?

Why shouldn’t our aim be to leave every encounter with every person, be it business or social or family, making that person feel better than they felt before their encounter, meeting, or dealings with you?

Because customer service isn’t just about serving those who give us money.

It’s about making a difference, an improvement.

And it’s about doing that to everyone. Every time. Every day.


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