Customers Are People Too

I wrote recently about an experience I had with my telco [let’s call them Telstra] and their poor management of a situation that arose with my account.

Of great disappointment to me was the way that Telstra immediately placed barrier after barrier at every stage where I sort a resolution to my problem with them.

All I ever wanted Telstra to do was to make me feel like a valued customer.

After all, I had been loyal to them for thirty-five years.

Sadly, Telstra failed to come to the party, and I took my mobile phone business elsewhere. [You can read the full story here]

So I switched mobile phone carriers to Optus.

And the experience was exceptional.

The telephone employees working for Optus were always patient and courteous.

They were solution conscious and nothing was ever a difficulty for them, as we went through the process of changing over three mobile phone accounts from a Telstra plan to a new Optus plan.

The setting up of my account under a business name was no issue, and after processing my necessary ID checks, Optus were in touch with me about delivery of our new SIM cards direct to our home.

I was kept informed via email and SMS service of the arrival of the new cards and the changeover from Telstra to Optus upon insertion of the new SIMs was without difficulty.

All throughout my dealings with this onboarding with Optus I was made to feel welcomed and understood.

A complete opposite to the feeling of disgust and frustration I had with Telstra.

In fact, Telstra did have a manager ring me a few days after my call with them that prompted my move.

But the manager did not ring to resolve any issues I had

This manager only rang to reinforce the Telstra position to me.

I took great pleasure in telling her that I had made plans to sign with a new carrier.

Telstra needs to look at what their competitors are doing. They might learn something.

What does this mean to your dental business?

Are you operating your dental business in a didactic manner with rigid policies that pay little regard to your customers’ emotions, and to their loyalty to you?

As a consultant, I’m always shocked when I hear of practices that have policies they need to explain to their patients, along with unnecessary signs in their office to corral patient’s behaviours.

Customers are people too…


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