Dentists Make Lousy Judges Of What Works When It Comes To Marketing.

When it comes to marketing, the quickest way to go broke is to try and attract every possible customer out there.

All marketing should be aimed at attracting a particular type of customer.

That’s the problem.

Most people try to maximise their marketing and try to be almost everything to as many people as possible.

When really, the contraire is true.

The more specific you are with your marketing, the more of THOSE types of people you will attract to your business.

Plus, that particular specificity will draw and attract a raft of customers who for them, this specific idea that you are espousing, had barely entered their mind.

Your business does not need every possible customer or prospect out there.

Your business does need SOME customers, but does not need EVERY possible customer.

When your business grasps this concept, and when that penny drops, then and only then do you become in better control of your own destiny.

It is this realisation that allows you as a business owner to not work seven days per week.

It is this realisation that allows you to set your own fees that are not dependent upon the fees charged by your neighbours.

It is this realisation that allows you to take leave from your business more often, and for longer.

Dentists make lousy judges of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing.

This is true for most businesses because most business owners think like business owners, and not like their customers and potential customers.

When your business focusses on your customer firstly, before anyone else [and I mean before the owner and before the team], this will be the time that you will experience significant growth in your business.

Don’t focus on your own personal internals before considering the thoughts and opinions and feelings of your customers and potential customers.


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