Do This One Thing Consistently To Keep On Growing Your Business Forever….

One of the core principles of providing World Class Customer Service is this:

“The desire to put the interests of others before the interests of ourselves.”

And for our customers to know this fact.

And for them to realise this fact and then own it.

When this happens, when the customer has that moment of realisation that you are indeed putting in an effort that is “going that little bit further”, this is when the customer starts to take notice.

When you consistently go that little bit further, on more than one moment and on more than one occasion, this is when the customer REALLY starts to sit up and take real notice.

Consistently exceeding the customers’ expectations on multiple occasions, repeatedly, is what creates avid disciples and “Raving Fans” for your business.


These Raving Fans help to build your brand in the marketplace, and in the community.

Ask a Raving Fan a question:

“Do you know a good plumber?”

“Do you know a good painter?”

“Do you know a good dentist?”

And you can bet that they’ll not only know a good one, they’ll also have a great story or a list of reasons why their Number 1 is indeed the only one in that category that you should ever ever use.

But I hear you ask:

“We do not know who our Raving Fans are going to be?”

Of course not…

And that’s why we need to treat all of our customers as if they are going to be our Number 1. Raving Fans.

Because all of our customers could easily turn into our best customers and raving fans.

You see, you never know when going that little bit extra is going to hit the mark for one of your customers.

Nor do we know for which customer that going that little bit extra is going to register.

But I can sure as eggs tell you that failing to “go the distance”, that failing to “WOW!” your clients is the easiest way to promoter a conga-line of unhappy clients actively seeking a new place to do business.

And actively telling their friends why they left you and took their business elsewhere…

Who wants to keep visiting a business where you leave feeling:

“Nobody there seems to care much”

Or that

“Everybody there seems to be too busy”

What sort of a reputation is that to have for your business?

We should never allow our businesses to grow to be so large and so impersonal that our customers feel that we do not care any more.

All interactions within our business need to be conducted with a maximum degree of care and concern for the other person’s well being.

And I’m talking here about interactions both between employees and customers as well as interactions between employees and each other as well.

We need to always have in mind that whatever we do enhances the day for the person we interact with.

When that shift happens…. when we finally realise that our goal is to impact positively on ALL of those around us… then and only then do we really truly have a World Class Business.

If we do not, then we are only kidding ourselves.

Because the public can sniff out a phony…

So, has your business got what it takes to do it all the time?

Or are you just some B-grade magician trying to make it in the big league?


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