Do You Drive Your Car With GPS Navigation On Or Off?

It’s amazing how many people jump into their car and drive to their destination, and in so doing, each and every time, they put their GPS Navigation [let’s call her Siri] on, to give them guidance.

This is despite the fact that they are driving to a destination that they know where it is.

It may be their home?

It may be their place of work?

It may be their hairdresser or their golf club?

And yet they still choose to have Siri on their phone or their device or their car navigation….why is this?

One of the reasons is because Siri will let you know very accurately, the exact time you are expected to arrive at your destination.

And as you travel, depending upon your speed of travel and depending upon circumstances, Siri will be able to recalculate your estimated time of arrival [ETA] and update you on your progress.

In fact, really good navigation programmes will even suggest alternate routes to your destination should a faster route become available?

And of course, should you miss a turn off during your journey, Siri will also recalculate a new route to your current destination, and adjust the ETA as well.

How did we ever manage to travel in a car before GPS Navigation and before Siri?

In fact, GPS Navigation and Google Maps can allow anybody to organise and plan any journey, be that by car, by bus, by train, or on foot…

Or any combination of the above, with multiple options of routes to be taken.

Isn’t progress wonderful?

I’m amazed at how many people actually DEPEND UPON Siri and GPS Navigation, despite the fact that they have grown up and travelled in the days of street directories and roadmap books?

It’s hard to fathom the thought, isn’t it?

Yet this is despite the fact that there was a time when there were very limited options of external guidance?

Do you remember trying to read a street directory at nighttime in the car, and also trying to find side streets and signposts in the dark?

How pre-historic does that memory seem now?

The silly thing is….

The silly thing is, that some people out there still choose to run their businesses blindly without planning or navigational assistance, despite the fact that expert advice is available.

And that expert advice will help these people and their businesses get to their destination more quickly, and more efficiently, without taking unnecessary deviations and without being delayed by roadblocks and road closures.

Allan Pease used to say that men refused to read maps when it came to driving and reaching a destination.

Yet driving a car and following a route planned by a GPS navigation system is now routine for most people.

And that’s just driving a car…

Yet for a decision so important about planning out a life journey or having a goal for your business, there appears to be so many people out there who for whatever reason choose to drive their business without reading a map.

How dumb is that?

The usual thought these business owners have is that they believe that because they are smart enough to own a business [as opposed to being stuck in a job], then they should also be smart enough to work out how to run a business?

And that’s probably why 95% of small businesses fail in the first five to ten years of operation.

Because they fail to plan, and they fail to seek navigational advice.

A smart business owner chooses to engage a business coach to help their business stay in its lane and navigate the most direct and productive route to achieve the goals that the owners wish to achieve.

The world is full of distractions lining up to tempt business owners away from their path to business success.

And most business failures are due to the fact that the business owners have strayed from their lane because of illogical temptation.

Success in business is worth the effort.

But there is always effort required.

If business success was easy then everybody out there would be in business and would own a successful business.

That obviously isn’t happening.

And that means that business owners need to make choices.

The way I see it is that business owners have three choices when deciding whether to improve their business:

  1. They could do nothing and hope that things change…. and we know that this method NEVER WORKS… the definition of insanity is continuing to do what you’ve always done and expecting a different result each time.
  2. You could try and figure things out on your own…and from experience I know that that is the SLOW, PAINFUL WAY, and quite frankly, is MORE EXPENSIVE…. Or…
  3. You can work with someone who’s already successful and done what you’re trying to do, and HAS BEEN GETTING RESULTS for other business owners just like you for a significant number of years….

My guess is that all business owners want to avoid the PAIN of trial and error, and the PAIN of doing NOTHING… they want to QUICKLY get results that they can see immediately…

Doesn’t every business owner want to achieve success?


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