Do You Have Systems?

I talk to a lot of dentists and phone a lot of dental practices.

And if there’s one thing in common amongst these dental practices it is the fact that they operate with very few systems in place.

And those systems that they do have in place are not followed.

Most dental practices operate under the MUSAWGA Principle.

It’s a very common principle and it is a principle followed by a lot of dental practices.

Sadly, it’s a principle of business that leads nowhere.

Because it’s based on the concept of disorganisation and doing “Sweet Not Much at All.”

Sadly, that’s how a lot of businesses operate.

They wing it.

They wing their successes and they scramble to their failures and disappointments.

The MUSAWGA Principle is simple.

It’s the principle based on Making Up Stuff As We Go Along.

Which is a really DUMB THING to be doing.

McDonalds Corp would never allow it.

Imagine turning up at McDonalds and telling them that you won’t be following their systems because you know how to cook burgers YOUR WAY and that’s what you’re going to be doing.

You’re not going to follow their processes….

You have your own methodology, and your burgers taste just fine.

Would that work?

Not for long.

You’d be ceremoniously shown the door very very quickly, and be told to never come back.

Putting it simply: you can’t do that!!

But at a dental practice…. Heck…. New staff come to work at a dental practice and get given the reins and get told to “do what they seem fit” to try and get results.

And that’s mainly because the dental practice has no systems, no parameters, and no KPIs.

They just settle for what they get.

And the owners say:

“We seem to be going OK.”

But the owners have nothing to compare their dental practice to.

They just think that things at their dental practice “FEEL OK”

When in reality, “OK” is actually going nowhere.

And going nowhere very fast.

And five years down the track what we see is that that practice has dropped $250K per year because they have no systems, and all of a sudden the dentist is $1.25M lighter in his retirement fund because he felt he was doing “OK”

When his business was really doing “Sweet Not Much at All.”

Owning a Dental Practice Is A Gift:

Owning a dental practice is a gift that allows you as the owner to determine your own destiny, if you run that practice as a business.

Owning a successful dental practice gives you choices:

It lets you decide:

  • Where you want to live
  • Where your children go to school
  • Where you vacation
  • When you retire
  • Where you retire to

If you don’t want to run your practice as a business, then sell it and go and do dentistry for a government entity or a charity, where your charitable actions will make a difference.


Don’t spend your time as a practice owner meandering through life without a plan, without systems, making stuff up as you go along and WISHING things would be better for you.

Because things don’t get better by wishing.

Things get better when you have good systems.

Systems do work.

And the correct systems work brilliantly in getting you to your end result quicker.

Have you ever watched a Formula 1 Motor Race?

The pit changes on an F1 Grand Prix race are systematised to maximise efficiency and results in as short a time as possible.

The pit changes are not made up as they go along.

F1 race results are more often determined by the speed of the pit crews, rather the skills of the F1 drivers.

One thing that F1 teams do not do is they do not let unskilled and untrained people into their pit crews…. It messes badly with the results and it messes with the “product” that the viewing consumer is receiving.

Are you letting unskilled and untrained people into your dental practice to mess with the results that your valuable clients, customers and patients are receiving?

Are your phones being answered PERFECTLY?

Are your customers and callers being spoken to courteously and politely, all of the time?

Are your visiting customers and patients being treated with courtesy and respect by every team member, each and every time they visit?

Are your team members motivated to achieve successful results for your business?

Or are they just plodding along, making stuff up, and breezing on by?

In life, in society, we expect and we see our police, and our armed forces and our uniformed members of society wearing their uniform as a badge of honour.

With pride.

Are all your team members wearing your uniform from your dental practice with that same honour?

If some are not, why are those people still on your team?

It’s your business.

It’s up to you to make all those systems work and work well.

And make all the people work well, too.

Now get out there and fix things…


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