Do You Have What It Takes To Hold Your Line Under Pressure?

I received a very interesting email from Dan Kennedy last week, that sums up many of the reasons as to why I was able to build a very successful and profitable dental practice over a 28 year period that included some seriously difficult economic times, such as the 1987 stock market crash, the bursting of the Dot.Com bubble, the Global Financial Crisis, and the post-2000 Sydney Olympic Games hiatus.

During that 28 year time period I was able to increase the turnover of my dental practice some 28X from the original $120K per annum it was doing in 1987.

What is truly remarkable about that sort of growth is that dentistry is a GRUDGE BUY. It’s not a purchase made based on pleasure or passion.

Nobody WANTS TO go to the dentist.

Nobody ever looks in their wallet and says:

“You know what? I’ve got a few hundred dollars to spare… I might just pop down to the dentist and see what they’ve got for me to buy..”

In his email last week Kennedy began by saying:

“My premise from day one was – I tell the customer the rules.”

And that’s what I did.

When I purchased my dental practice, the previous owner Dr John Martin told me to start the practice exactly the way that I wanted it to run, and to not be chopping and changing it.

He said:

“After all, it’s your business. You run it how you want it.”

Kennedy, in his email, went on to say this:

“Part of the reason … is that people want to be told the rules.”

It’s been said that most people are walking around [figuratively] with their umbilical cord in their hand, looking for a new place to plug it in.

The truth is that customers are looking for the stern, but loving parent.

Customers want somebody to tell them:

“Here’s the deal, here’s the way this works.”

As Kennedy went on to say:

“The same applies to dealing with clients and with customers. I don’t care whether you’re installing carpets in their home or training their bird. What they’re looking for is an authority figure to take charge.”

Kennedy stated:

“People want to deal with successful people, and what successful people do is they dictate the terms of how you do business with them. They don’t negotiate.”

That’s what I did at Active Dental Parramatta. My practice was known for telling people what they needed, and not what I thought they MIGHT HAVE WANTED TO HEAR to make them feel happy.

Because guessing what they wanted to hear and telling them that was never going to make them happy.

Being given what they needed was going to make them happy.

Being given what they needed was going to make them a lot happier than being given some patch-up or band-aid procedure that was never going to last.

Kennedy concluded by saying:

“People prefer to deal with successful people and generally speaking, the more successful you are, the more people want to deal with you”.

This is what I found.

As I became more proficient at what I did and focussed my business on providing that proficiency to our customers and patients, the dental practice actually became more sought after.

And as Dan Kennedy points out, that’s really quite logical.

But if it’s logical, why are only 5% of dental practices working this way, and talking this way?

Why are the rest of them just fluffing around?


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