Do You Have Your Priorities In The Right Order?

A long time ago when our children were little, Jayne and I rented a house in a new development in Castle Hill in western Sydney. The homes in this new part of Castle Hill had well-kept and well-manicured gardens and presented beautifully to those who drove through the suburb.

What surprised me when we lived in this newer development was the number of homes where two EXPENSIVE European cars were parked in the driveway overnight each night, when all these homes had double garages as part of their home floor plan.

Often when I walked past some of these homes and the owners were home and the garage doors were up and open, I would see that the garages were full of boxes and “junk”.

It made me wonder why people would put their expensive cars out in the wind and the rain and the sun and the heat, while the protective space meant for those cars was occupied by boxes and boxes of “stuff”  that wasn’t worthy of a place inside these people’s homes?

It’s a metaphor…

It’s as if these people have their values confused…. these two expensive European cars are often their second and third most valuable assets, after their family home.

And the “stuff” that’s in the boxes that is not worthy of a place in the home, but that people have an “emotional attachment” to, is somehow perceived as being of more value, when in reality, it is of little or no value.

Sometimes I see….

Sometimes in my travels I see businesses that have rooms filled with “junk” or with six month’s supply of unperishable stock. These rooms are costing a premium rent and could be better used by the business for income generating purposes, while the junk could be thrown away and the stock could be moved to an offsite storage location [with a much lower rental] that allows access when needed.

For example, I see dental practices where another dental chair and treatment room is being sacrificed for a junk room or a storeroom housing a six month’s supply of dental bibs and gloves.

Sometimes we do it mentally….

Sometimes we allow junk to enter our minds and occupy valuable space that our minds could be using for productive purposes, like business thoughts or thoughts of the heart.

Are there items in your head that you need to dispose of so that those thoughts of value can be restored to “front of mind”?

Sometimes we just need to step back and take a good look at exactly what we are prioritising… in our homes, and in our heads.


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