Do You Know Your Dental Practice Numbers?

I heard someone say recently:

“The speed of the business is the speed of its leader.”

I don’t know if this was a misrepresentation of a Lee Iacocca quote:

“The speed of the boss is the speed of the team.”

In fact, I’m not really sure what Iacocca meant?

Did he mean that the speed of the boss is DETERMINED BY the speed of his team?

Did he mean that if the team was slow then the boss’s pace would be slowed?

Or did he mean that the speed of the boss DETERMINES the speed of the team…. and that a slow boss slows the team?

I kind of prefer the first quote…

I prefer the first quote to Iacocca’s.

And frankly, I think if Iacocca had heard the first quote firstly, he would have ditched his quote and used the first quote, because there is less ambiguity in the first quote.

The first quote states categorically that the speed of the business is DETERMINED BY the speed of speed of the leader.

And the actions and inactions of the leader then determine the speed of the business.

In your business…

In your dental practice, are you as the leader inadvertently and unintentionally doing things that APPLY AN IMAGINARY HAND BRAKE to the forward progression of your business?

Are there things that you should not be doing, but you are doing, that are limiting your business’s progression towards success?

Are your actions or inactions as a boss sabotaging the growth of your dental business?

Some dentists run late all day.

Other dentists turn up late at the start of each day.

Other dentists have strange policies in their practices.

Some dentists have no systems in their practices.

Some dentists don’t know any of their key metric numbers.

Other dentists over manage and micro-manage their numbers, their teams, and their patient movements…

What are some of the things being done, or are not being done at your practice, that are acting like a Boa Constrictor and squeezing the life out of your practice?

At your practice…

A good practice owner will always have a good finger on the pulse of his practice.

A poor practice owner will either have a choker hold on his practice’s KPIs, or will have no idea at all about what numbers he should be measuring.

Numbers are a good way for a dentist owner to keep their finger on the pulse of their practice.

Do you really know your practice numbers?

Do you really know your practice numbers?

When I ask a dentist what his monthly production is, and he gives me a number ending in four zeros, I know that dentist does not know his numbers.

When I ask a dentist how many new patients her practice scheduled last month, and she gives me a number ending in zero, I know that dentist does not know her numbers.

Most dentists don’t know how well their practice is or is or is not travelling until their accountant prepares their tax return in March of the following financial year.

That is just crazy.

Do you know your dental practice numbers? Really?


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