Do You L.O.V.E. Your Business??

I’ve spent the past week in Melbourne, meeting up with various thought leaders in Dentistry.

But I wanted to tell you about a moment of special attention that my wife and I received during the week while enjoying a lunch at restaurant Grossi Florentino.

My wife and I had never dined at Grossi before. And so, what unfolded for us, was indeed a real surprise to us.

You see, at the end of our lunch meal, my wife and I were treated to a guided tour of the restaurant.

But not just a tour of the restaurant we ate at, Grill, …. you see, the place where we dined was part of a conglomeration of dining facilities, and we received a right “Royal Tour” of the whole establishment.

Our waitress Amelia happily escorted us firstly to the Florentino restaurant and private dining rooms upstairs.
Then there was the Cellar Bar next door and coffee and breakfast area as well. All separated at the front but interconnected at the rear….. truly amazing.

Finally, we were escorted to the lane behind Grossi, where a very new evening bar had just been opened….very very exciting.

The reason I tell you this is because of the “atmosphere” in which we were treated….an atmosphere of contagious enthusiasm!!

You see, when we first arrived at Grill, and we told the maître de Jeanette that we were from interstate and that this was our first visit to Grossi, she immediately offered us the option of switching to upstairs if we so desired, or better still, she offered to take us on a tour of the whole establishment after we had finished our meal.

Jeanette explained that not only was there an upstairs and a downstairs eatery, but there was also a brasserie, a wine bar, and now a new “secret” that we needed to see.

This was all offered to us purely because we were engaging customers who were engaged by our wonderful hostess…

I suppose that Jeanette would have guessed that there was a likelihood that we could possibly share our story with our friends, which is kind of what I am doing right here right now.

And that a word of mouth recommendation is a very cost effective way of getting your message out there to the masses.

But she probably never thought that I would blog about her great business attitude…

And how much did this tour cost Grossi?

Maybe ten minutes at the end of the lunch shift….that’s about it.

And a few minutes of connection with us at different stages throughout the meal…

What’s my point?

How much does it cost to be “engaged” with your customers?

How much does it cost to give one of your dental patients a “behind the scenes tour” of your dental facility?

And how special do you think that patient is going to feel?

And do you think that patient may tell a few people what you just did to make them feel special?

It doesn’t take much to see the bigger picture.

And when you love your business, as an owner or as an employee, you definitely begin to see the bigger picture.

A little bit of extra attention paid towards the right clients will reap a substantial reward.

Have you got what it takes to put in that small effort in the right places, consistently?

You do have it, and you will put in, if you truly do love your business?

Do you truly love what you do?


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