Do You Really Need To Rip Off Other People’s Stuff?

One thing about the game of golf that I like is that it is indeed the gentleman’s game.

Each player is really playing themselves against the course.

And because of golf handicaps, it’s possible for a club golfer and a tournament professional to play together and both enjoy the day.

There’s a respect amongst golfers shown to each other that is often lacking in the real world and in the business world.

There is never any road rage on a golf course.

There is courtesy amongst golfers to play in turn, and to never tread or step on each other’s lines and through lines while on the greens.

In business, these courtesies shown amongst golfers are often discarded.

These courtesies are often considered a sign of weakness in business, a sign of vulnerability.

These courtesies, when offered out, are often seized upon by pariahs and sharks in business whose only means of succeeding in business is at the expense and the demise of other businesses.

And for what?

Isn’t there a thought of ABUNDANCE out there in the marketplace?

Or shouldn’t there be?

If only we as dentists were to grow the pie, then there would be more pie to share amongst us?

I remember years ago joining an online Facebook group for dentists, but being admonished for offering up another dental Facebook group to that first group…. [No we can’t have that!!] what a SMALL WORLD mentality…

When you look at how many dental offices copy or vary slightly on other dental office names…. It’s like the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean Peoples’ Front…. it’s laughable.

When you consider how many words there are in the dictionary, it’s a wonder at all why there needs to be a copy of someone else’s brand…but yet it goes on and on and on on a daily, weekly and monthly and annual basis.

Just look at Chatswood nearby to me…
We’ve got:

and of course

It’s enough to make me want to bypass Chatswood and head on up to Roseville….

It’s fifty shades of vanilla….

It’s certainly not abundance.

But it’s not just dentists….even consultants like to rip off other consultants’ IP.

I have The Ultimate Patient Experience.

It’s Trade Marked.

And then others miraculously find:

Exceptional Patient Experience

No-Star Patient Experience

Others have even just blatantly used my Trade Marked Brand… all three words.


Is that the best you can do?

Couldn’t you be more original?

Get yourself a dictionary boys….and a good attorney…

And some morals….


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