Do You Think That’s It, Or Do You Think That There’s More?

Happy Christmas!

It’s Christmas morning Down Under, and Christmas Eve afternoon in the USA.

And as good a time as any to reflect on our achievements of 2015 and look forward to 2016.

Do you rest on your laurels when it comes to achievements?

Or do you reset your goals and raise the bar?


In cricket, the pinnacle, as a batsman, is to score a test century.

There must be great satisfaction, I would guess, in seeing the scoreboard post three figures beside your name, right there while you’re out in the middle.

But with cricket, unlike in baseball, there’s the chance to carry on.

There’s the opportunity to retake guard, and continue, as long as you physically and mentally can, and to go way beyond that score of 100 runs.

As a fan of cricket, it always amazed me to see Test cricketers dismissed for scores in their low hundreds.

Scores of 103, 105, 107. You know what I mean.

I understand that the physical and mental act of getting to 100 is very draining.

And once achieved, there’s a euphoria experienced that can take over, for a moment, and distract the batsman that there still is an opportunity to go above and beyond.

And score more runs.

As a spectator, it was fascinating to watch a test batsman, upon reaching one hundred, to re-take guard in front of his wicket.

[The action of taking guard is what all new batsmen do upon beginning their innings. It is their way, of checking with the umpire, that they are positioned correctly to protect their wicket].

You would think, that a batsman having reached one hundred runs, would have a pretty reasonable idea of where his wicket was behind him after all that time in the middle?

But it’s the physical and mental action of regrouping, and taking stock, that has the batsman telling himself that from this point on it’s a new chapter, and as Burt Reynolds said so eloquently,

“What’s behind ya’s behind ya!”

[Translation: What is behind you is behind you]

As a cricket tragic, I’m reminded of the Test innings of Australian batsman Bob Cowper in Melbourne in the summer of 1965-66, where he became the first Australian batsman to score a Triple Century on Australian soil.

Cowper had a short Test career, retiring at a young age of 27.

His innings of 307, still the longest time at the crease on Australian soil, was his first Test century in Australia, and took him a total of twelve hours and eight minutes to accumulate.

Interestingly, as the match was constantly interrupted by rain, Cowper said his innings felt more like a series of separate innings rather than a single knock.

Testimony to Cowper that his mental concentration allowed him to focus on the job at hand, and the opportunity, and that was to bat, and bat, and to bat.

As I look at my own results in speaking writing and coaching for the year of 2015, I see great opportunities taken, and great results achieved.

With writing, I’ve punched out two blogs per week, every week, like clockwork, all year long. Without fail.

As a speaker, I’ve spoken in front of hundreds of paying Dentists this year, both in Australia, and the USA.

Before this year, I’d not ever professionally spoken. I’d shied away from speaking.

As a coach, I’ve more than doubled my number of private coaching clients this year.

But best of all are the results my clients have achieved.

Like Bob Cowper, my most impressive client results have been for those clients who have continued on with me into their second year of coaching.

They’ve built on top of their first year results, realizing that:

“Together, we are stronger”

adds to their growth and record of achievement.

One of my clients has added nearly $120,000.00 more to her collections this year compared to the results we achieved last year.

And another of my clients is now collecting on average $45,000.00 more each month than she was this time twelve months ago.

On the flip side, I’ve had a client finish up with me after only two short months when I discovered that his voluntary discounts to patients cost his practice over $35,000.00 last year.

And then there was another client who added over $122,000.00 to his collections in a six-month period, and decided that that was enough, when really, the world was his oyster…

The thing is, that Dental Practice Ownership is a business.

And as a business you can drive it hard, or you can coast.

Coasting is fine, but there’ll always come a day, one day, while coasting, that you’ll wish that you had not.

I bet every batsman who got out for a score between 100 and 109 wishes they’d applied themselves a little bit more that day.

Because with a score of 100+ already, they really did have it in the palm of their hand.

So in 2016, with regards to your Dental Practice, are you holding opportunity in the palm of your hand?

Do you have what it takes to re-group, and score that triple century?

[As an aside, Bob Cowper retired from test cricket at a young age to pursue a career in Banking and Finance. As a banker, he amassed wealth of well over $100M, and now lives primarily in Monaco.

Proving, that you can always re-take guard at any time in your life…]


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