Does Your Dental Business Have A Clearly Defined Customer Service Vision Statement?

Your dental practice needs to have a Vision Statement.

I hear you ask:

“What’s a Vision Statement?”

And I hear you say:

“We’re only a small business. Why do WE need to have a Vision Statement? Aren’t those for bigger businesses?”

The Disney institute defines a Vision Statement as:

“A company’s Service Vision serves as a rallying point across the organisation by being the one thing that all employees have in common no matter what the individual job or title may be.”

And that clarifies it:

It is the one thing that brings every employee of the organisation together as one.

The Vision Statement is THE ONE THING that all employees have in common.

In unison.

When James McManemon, General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton was asked:

“If you were starting a new business, any business, and wanted to make customer service your value proposition, what would you do first?”

He replied:

“The first thing I would do is create the Service Vision for the Company. Be crystal clear with what the company’s vision is, and be able to articulate that extremely well. Then I would hire talent based on that same belief, only adding employees that share those service values, and finally create the processes and training to achieve that Service Vision.”

Let’s look at that reply piece by piece:

  1. Create the Company Service Vision

It is up to the leadership to create the vision for the company.

Often it is the owner of the business who sets the vision he wants for his business.

2- Be crystal clear with what that vision is.

It is only with clarity that we can create true purpose of action.

Our employees and our customers look to the leadership to provide clarity of purpose.

3- Be able to articulate that vision very well.

The ability to explain the purpose and mission of our work is what attracts employees and customers to our business.

4- Hire talent and employees based on that same belief, only adding people who share those same service values

These values are a filter. Do not try to instil these values on those who do not have them and those who do not understand them.

The people who have these values are out there in the market place. We just need to locate them, not invent them.

5- Create the processes and the trainings to achieve that service vision.

Telling your employees about the vision, and SHOWING your employees a step be step process that helps them to BUILD AND CREATE that vision, are two very different things.


The Vision Statement is the WHAT that we create in defining our business.

Next week I will discuss the HOW for our business. The three Supporting Pillars for our Vision Statement are the “How”.


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