Does Your Dental Office Have Product And Service Congruence?

One of the big things about providing world class customer service is that there needs to be a congruence that exists between what you do, and how you do it, and who you do it upon.

There is absolutely no point in trying to provide World Class Service to a bunch of ungrateful savages who don’t give a hoot about the alignment of what they are receiving and how it is being delivered.

If you are operating in one of these types of environments and your goal is to provide world class service to your clients and customers, but your ideal client doesn’t seem to be around, then you might need to rethink your location.

Similarly, if you are trying to be the best service provider around, and you have the correct demographic and they are your customers, what they see in your place of business needs to back up both who they are and who you are, and what you say you are doing.

I’ve just stepped off a long flight to the USA and I’d been fortunate enough to have been upgraded into the first class cabin for this trip.

But things were different this time around… disposable cotton hand towels had been replaced with paper towels in the bathrooms?

I mean, are times so tough or are airline officials so stupid that they think their customers don’t notice these little things?


How can this airline believe that they can substitute cotton cloth towels with paper in their first class cabin, and think that their clients are simply going to accept this?

How are things in your dental office?

Are you providing world class service, yet you’re backing that service up with cheap low cost scratchy facial tissues?

Is your carpet worn and torn?

Does your office and client lounge need a fresh coat of paint?

How is your décor?

How is your dental equipment standing up?

You do need to make sure that your actions and your environment are congruent with your intended message to your customers.

The airline that I flew with has posted its highest annual profits over each of the past two years, yet it seems that trimming the fat on toweling is on this years’ budgeting strategy.

With customer service, sometimes you need to spend a dollar to make a dollar.

You do need to spend some dollars to KEEP your customers.

Last year this said airline discontinued its in-flight duty free service in another heralded cost cutting exercise, yet with the extra space this would create on board each plane, there still isn’t enough room to be able to carry some fresh limes?

When you’re running a business, you need to be cognisant of the fact that all of your customers do need to be receiving value for the money they spend with you.

This doesn’t mean to be cheap with your fees and prices.

Twenty to twenty five percent of the population don’t care what your competitors charge because they believe that the product or service that they receive from you represents exceptional value.

What your business needs to do is to focus on finding more customers who fall into that top 20-25% of the population.

Focusing on maintaining that product and service congruence in your business will go a long way to helping you attract more of the right kind of customer who appreciates what you do and are very happy to pay you well for what you do.

These people are there.

All you need to do is find them, and give them a compelling reason to stay with you.


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