Doing Nothing Is Not The Answer.

When your business needs invigoration, you need to take action.

HOPING that things will get better at your business is not the answer.

Doing nothing to change your situation is not the answer.

You need to change course.

You need to decide, and implement.

Because what got you in to the state that you need to change, is NOT  going to get you out of that state.

Something else needs to be done.

A different course of action needs to be put into place.

But there must be commitment.

When change of direction is  needed, the business must COMMIT to doing all that it can to follow that course of change.

There is no safety in standing still.

Before following someone, you need to make sure they are headed in the right direction.

There is no point in following someone who does not have a proven track record of success.

Years ago, I won a football tipping contest in in Australian Rules Football.

The interesting thing about that contest, which ran for nine games each week over a twenty-five week period, was that during that season I never watched one game of Australian Rules Football.

What I did do was to seek out an expert and follow the tips of that expert.

I followed the advice of someone with a proven track record.

Most tipsters in tipping competitions think that they can work things out better than the experts.

But they never do.

And it is the same in life.

Some people try to pick winning stocks on the stock market.

Others just follow the advice of reputable investment advisors.

Who has already achieved the results that I am wanting to achieve?

Most people out there follow no advice or bad advice.

95% of the population end up broke and dependent upon others or government handouts for their retirement.

Because they do not seek out the advice of other successful people.

They ask their mates.

And they ask their family for advice.

And their mates and their families act as moral saviours to prevent their loved ones from “becoming different” or successful.

And so the status quo is maintained.

Others out there follow herd mentality.

They do things because everybody else is doing it so it must be the right thing to do.

And I guess that’s what the 95% choose to do…..

If you do want to be successful, find out what your competitors are doing and just do the opposite.

Most of your competitors are just doing nothing.

Or they’re following the advice of people who have never done what needs to be done.

Remember, what got you here is not going to magically get you out of here…


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