Don’t Allow The Time Vampires To Steal Away Your Valuable Oxygen

Despite the fact we as dentists are intelligent human beings, we still keep making the same mistakes over and over, don’t we?

Do you have a friend who dates the same kind of people, loser types, over and over, and always ends up in a failed relationship?

Yet each time your friend expects a different result?

For these people, their friends can see the pattern… but this friend of yours, well, they just keep falling for the wrong person, each and every time.

In MLM, there are always people who hang their hopes on one prospect, who never comes to a meeting, despite promising that they always will.

Week in. Week out.

And in dental practice employment, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a dentist say that they now have found the perfect receptionist, the perfect practice manager, etc…., because I would be a very rich man by now.

In fact, we all have had those types of patients, you know the ones, and somehow, we spend, or should I say we waste so much time pandering to them when they really are just a load of hot air and fake promises.

You know the type…

“Yeah Doc, I’ll get that [filling/crown/implant] done. Book me in!”

And they may even go ahead and schedule the appointment, and yet they never carry through with the treatment.

And the next time we see these patients, the story gets longer, and larger, but it never gets finished.

The dentistry never gets completed.

Kind of like the big fish that got away….

You know the types?

And then there’s the patients who go ahead and make the appointments, and then get their partner, their daughter, their mother, their significant other, to cancel.

Or they call after hours and leave a message on your machine or your voice mail


And then we still book them back in…

And often these patients then have the hide to waltz back in to your practice on a later date, as if they’re your best friend, and as if they never let you down?


And each and every time, we just let them do it.

As if they’ve never done it before.

And as if for some reason, this time, they’re never going to let us don again.

As if they are, this time, actually going to really get that treatment completed.

Well, today is the day, that enough is enough.

How dare they?

How dare these recalcitrant people continue to waste your time with their fake promises, their continued time wasting, and their continual disrespect for your skills?

You see, every minute you spend with these time wasters is a minute that you should have spent with someone else who appreciates you, and appreciates you for what you do, and who you are.

So not only have these time wasters chewed up your valuable time, they’ve deprived a serious patient of spending that time with you.

The knock on effect should be enough of a realisation for you that you need to banish these time wasters from your practice, and from your life.


Because it is time wasted that is gone forever.

You can never ever get that wasted time back.

Say Goodbye to time wasters forever.

Say goodbye to these time vampires who suck your time away.

Remove them from your practice.

Remove them from your Christmas Card list.

Unfriend them on Facebook.

Declutter them out of your life.

And walk away…

You’ll find it to be quite cleansing….


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