Don’t Be An Accidental Offender….

I was chatting with one of my coaches this week, and an interesting utterance emerged from my mouth…

And yes, I have coaches.

Some of you might say:

“Why does a coach have a coach?”

Or multiple coaches?

And the reasons are simple.

A coach sees things that you don’t see.

A coach talks you through the things that you need to improve.

A coach celebrates your wins with you.

And a coach keeps you accountable.

Just think about it… who are the number 1 people in their fields that have coaches?

Politicians have speaking coaches.

Sports stars have coaches…. Federer, Woods, Steve Smith, Michael Jordan, the Williams sisters.

And these guys don’t just have one coach. They have multiple coaches for various disciplines in their field.

And for personal disciplines as well.

Anyway, what I said to my coach, in conversation was this phrase:

“You didn’t mean to offend them, but you have….”

Now I wasn’t directing this comment to my coach. It was a generalised comment that I was making about what happens when somebody TAKES offence when no offence was intended.

And if and when that ever happens, then an [immediate] apology is in order.

A very good friend of mine who I look up to, once said to me:

“The outcome that you receive is a direct response to the communication that you send.”

And she said:

“If you want people to respond differently, then you need to improve the communication in the message that you send.”

She said:

“For you to have people respond in the way that you want them to, then your communication to them needs to be crystal clear.”

Finally she surmised:

“David, there’s no point in getting upset when people behave in a manner different to your expectations.”

What’s this all mean?

Ultimately, different people will respond to the same message in different ways, depending upon their intellect, their state of mind, and their emotional state. Their responses will also differ depending upon their “overall” states, as well as how their states are at that point in time.

I don’t believe that it is most people’s intention to purposefully offend.

Or offend intentionally.

But there will be some people who will offend.

When you do meet someone who seems to be hell-bent upon being offensive, give them a wide berth.

Loose lips sink ships.

My mother used to say this, and say it often.

It was a reminder that the spoken word, once uttered, cannot be retracted.

When giving World Class Service:

When providing a world-class experience to your customers and guests, it is imperative that everything spoken is said for a reason and a purpose.

And said with the intention of improving the experience of your guest or customer.

Nothing said, offered or intended should ever be able to be “taken the wrong way”.

Truly World Class businesses know and understand the importance of every last, and lasting moment, of each and every customer experience they are engaging in.

Don’t let one rash moment destroy those experiences for your customers and guests.

People will always remember the way that you’ve made them feel.


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