Don’t Wear Out Your Wonderful Team With Your Poor Choice Policies

Another blog. Another Qantas fail story.

I’m writing this blog article while flying Qantas to Perth.

It’s a four-and-a-half-hour flight.

And as usual, I’m sitting in the front end.

And we have great service from Kylie and from Shaun and from John.


The policies….or choices…

The Menu

You can eat anything you want, as long as you don’t want fish.

Or vegetarian.

For main course we have chicken, chicken laksa, beef, and pork.

Four choices.

No seafood.

You really are kidding me….

Not even a vegetarian or vegan option.

Talk about a way of offending your paying customers…

How difficult is it really to substitute one of the chicken dishes for a piece of fish?

Or to switch the pork for a vegetarian option as well?

It appears to me that pescatarians are being gastronomically bullied when it comes to menu selections.

Across the globe.

And Qantas is leading the charge…

But, in the case of Qantas, it’s up to the crew to make the apologies for decisions made for them by meat eating bureaucrats who never fly the routes…

No limes.

How small is a lime?

How many limes does a flight need to carry?


Why offer lemons as a substitute for limes?

Can Qantas really justify serving gin without lime?

Even after Qantas recently chose to NOT offer onboard duty-free goods, the extra space on the aircraft that was created by the removal of the duty-free goods would have been sufficient to house a few lime trees…. Let alone a small box of limes.

Gin and tonic without a lime is like meat pie without sauce.

Really Qantas, how big is a box of limes?

Back to the service.

Hats off to Kylie who took my order who’s radar was up and who recognised that I was struggling with the food choices [or lack thereof] on the menu.

And who went away to see whether there was the possibility of finding a piece of fish on this flight.

Sadly, there was not.

And I know I’m sounding precious, but, this same month, on a long haul flight from Dallas to Sydney, in the front of the plane, I experienced the same deficiency in the menu.

No seafood starter for First Class passengers.

And a piece of rubberised halibut for main course .

Hats off also to Shaun and to John for their wonderful food and beverage services on the way to Perth….

The problem is:

First class air travel is definitely THE most expensive real estate on the planet.

And that is why airlines need to get it so right.

And not offend their customers with their poor choices and their poor policies.

Really, how much extra do a few more pieces of fish and a few extra limes cost?

Compared to the price your first-class customers are paying?

And in dental….

What sort of short cuts are you applying in your dental office that are turning your valued and loyal customers away in droves?

Are you cutting corners on the coffee that you serve?

Or your biscuits?

Are you offering poor quality towels as refreshers?

Are your goody bags looking more like show bags from your local fair, rather than being quality gifts especially chosen?

What sort of subliminal message are you sending to your valued clients?

And are you relying on your faithful and loyal staff members to bail you out of your poor choice business decisions?

How long do you think those sorts of short cut decisions are going to stand up for you in the marketplace?


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