Don’t You Just Hate Liars?

Don’t you just hate liars?

People who’ll say anything to make a case for themselves, despite the fact that what they say is untrue?

George Costanza said:

“Its not a lie… if you believe it”

But it is a lie if it is false and misrepresenting.

With a Federal election campaign happening right now in Australia, and an election campaign in the USA, the political rhetoric is flowing thick and fast.

By that, I mean lies.

There’s so many untruths happening and going to happen that we start to believe that telling fibs is acceptable behaviour.


Where does telling lies begin in the Dental Office?

Have you had the pleasure of reading CVs and resumes of potential job applicants?

If they start bending the truth there, then where do they stop?

What about patients?

Ask a patient this question:

“Do you floss?”

And they will answer:


What they are saying is anything between

“I’ve seen the floss for sale in the supermarket” to

“I think there’s a packet of floss somewhere in one of my bathroom cabinets”

Ask your patients this:

“Do you floss fourteen times a week?”

And see what they say…..

Getting away from the clinical and back to the business of dentistry, it’s very difficult to build a long-standing relationship on lies and untruths.

At present I’m trying to finish a deal with a product supplier in my business, and the blatant deceit is driving me rapidly toward baldness as I rip my own hair out with frustration at the mountains of untruths and false promises that keep coming forward.

And then there are liars who lie continually to protect their own position.

Megalomania will do that.

History is riddled with paranoid “little men”

Ever had an employee take sick days and go to children’s school functions?

Or maybe just go to the beach?

What about the lies we receive as reasons for missing dental appointments?

Car trouble?


Like …. “My dog ate my homework”

Former Australian Rugby Coach Alan Jones once said that he’d rather have a non-smoker with less talent than a smoker with ‘natural ability’ playing on his team because the non-smoker was totally honest with himself, and would be more reliable and dependable.

I knew golfers who wouldn’t play golf with people who cheated on their partners, because they’d cheat at golf too, given the opportunity…

Have you ever had to play golf with a cheater?

It’s disgusting.

And so is blatant lying.

A white lie is still a lie.

When it’s time to meet your maker, do you want to be known as an honest man, or a liar?



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