Employing The Right Customer Service People On Your Team

I’m often asked these questions about staff:

“How do I make my staff more customer service oriented?”

“How do I make my staff be nicer to my customers?”

“How do I get my staff to be more attentive to the needs of the customer?”

Nobody is born with a golf club in their hand.

Have you ever tried to swing a golf club?

It is one of the most unnatural actions you could ever attempt.

Yet people do it.

And some people get paid well to do it.

Swinging a golf club is a learned skill.

It takes education, practice, coaching, followed by cycles of re-education, further practice, ongoing coaching, and education.

When something goes wrong with a golf swing, it’s usually because of lack of practice, lack of coaching, poor coaching, or failing to follow the coach’s advice.

Or self-education….

The thing is, with good education and with good practice and with the right coaching, great results can be achieved.

As far as I know, no child has ever been born speaking.

As far as I know, speech is learned following birth.

It is learned.

How to speak is a learned skill.

As is what to say.

And when to say it.

Nobody is born with inherent orator abilities.

They are learned, practiced and developed.

The same goes for customer service skills.

Customer service skills are learned.

They can be taught.

Awareness to providing great customer service is a learnable habit.

It is a habit that you can develop so that it becomes always “front of mind” as opposed to being an afterthought.

How is that possible?

All skills are learnable.

Behavioural skills are more easily learnable than physical action skills.

The mind is a very flexible muscle that thrives on forced expansion.

If you want to add value to yourself in the employment marketplace, in the consumer marketplace, as well as in the social and relationship marketplaces, you will read, watch, and absorb and practice as many customer service skills as you can.

Learning about providing great customer service is seriously addictive.

And once you learn these skills, they become very difficult to unlearn.

Are you up for this life-changing challenge?

Because customer service is highly addictive, once you commit, there’s no turning back…

And that’s the best thing ever.


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