Every Business Has The Choice

Every Business has the ability to choose its destiny.

It is exercising this ability to choose, or not being able to choose, that determines the successes and failures for that business.

I spent a good forty minutes on the phone last week talking with one of my favourite dental coaches, catching up and visiting with him.

Among the many things that we chatted about, in terms of life and business and family and philosophy, my friend informed me that he was no longer coaching any clients now and had transitioned himself into full retirement mode and the role of grandparent.

Funnily, when he made the decision to retire, my friend needed to terminate some long-term coaching agreements that he had with several clients. Interestingly, he mentioned that only recently some of those clients were still experiencing the same “problems” that they had had while he was coaching them.

He said the reason for this was that those clients had failed to take corrective action and ignored those “problems” rather than addressing them and owning them.

And now those problems were still there, and still present, sometimes bigger and worse than when they had originally been spoken about.

In these sort of situations, the choice to ignore and the inability to choose a solution, or a path towards a solution, was indeed the wrong choice.

How many times in your life have you been offered a choice that you have failed to act upon?

How many times have you regretted not making that choice at a time when hindsight has proven that you would have been better off taking that action at an earlier time?

Sometimes the action required, or the choice to be made,  is to do something different.

And other times what is required is the cessation of an action that is causing us damage and creating poor outcomes.

These choices that we make or fail to make can be in our business lives and our personal lives.

It could be the choice of whether or not to learn a new procedure to help our patients better?

It could be the choice of whether or not to align our business with certain insurances or corporates or health plans, or whether to simply just go it alone?

It could be the choice of continuing doing what you’ve always done and hoping for a different result, rather than setting a different course of action?

Or it could be the choice of seeking advice.

That advice might be about your business, or it could be about your investments, or your retirement?

It could be advice about your health, or your habits, or your relationships?

Or it could be sporting or recreational advice, like learning to run better, or swim better, or tennis or golf, or ballroom dancing, or blackjack?

The thing is that every day we are actually exactly where we want to be, because if we didn’t want to be there, we would make the changes and try to be somewhere else.

But we haven’t made those changes….

And yet, we have choices….


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