Every Dentist Hates To Be Told This

Every dentist hates to hear someone tell them this….

You know what it’s like….

You’re at a social gathering.

Someone asks you what you do for a living.

You tell them that you’re a dentist.

And they say:

“My brother-in-law, he’s got perfect teeth. Never had a filling.”

And then they say:

“And he’s never been to the dentist in his life.”

And you know that you can’t argue with an idiot…

Because as dentists, we all know that no matter how good someone is at brushing and cleaning their own teeth, a lifetime of avoidance of visiting a dental office has got to lead to SOME periodontal issues just because of the amount of tartar and plaque that build up naturally over time.


And can you just imagine how bad the halitosis is that this brother-in-law has?

And yet he probably thinks he’s some kind of super hero.

And his family and friends marvel at his supposed super powers.

But you know the only thing that happens when you argue with an idiot?

You end up with two idiots.

The idea is to change the subject.

“Did someone say KFC?”


I was watching a webinar the other night about rebuilding your dental appointment book….

One of the [supposed] questions sent by a dentist and offered up by the “moderator” was:

“I’ve never done any marketing before in my dental practice and we’ve always been OK. Why should I bother doing any now?”

….or something along those lines.

To me that’s kind of like some human being saying:

“I’ve never been to a doctor before in my entire life and I’ve lived this long. Why should I go to a doctor now?”

You don’t know what you don’t know.

If you have no idea of your blood pressure, your cholesterol level and your sugar level, or your BMI, then frankly your body is a walking time bomb.

A time bomb of irresponsibility.

Because these measurements of you can be compared to those of a supposedly “healthy” person to see whether you might need to change your behaviours depending upon whether you want to lengthen your time on this planet.

Or shorten it?

What gets measured can get acted upon.

And we cannot accurately change what we do not measure.

In relation to the human body, tiny changes in behaviour can have far greater implications in extending or shortening life expectancy.

In business, it’s very much the same.

What we measure we can tweak and improve upon.

Minor tweaks may create massive improvements in our business.

When we don’t measure, and make changes based on notions or feelings, we are simply “pissing into the wind”.

Tweaking and making changes based on a hunch, without data, is like trying to choose the winner of Race Five at Flemington by throwing darts at a newspaper.

What gets me….

What gets me is that even when I look at “supposedly” successful dental businesses that have gotten to where they have without any structured professional advice, the amount of wasted opportunity that has slipped silently by because of blind ignorance, is enough to give any healthy human being shortness of breath and heart palpitations.

I’m talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.





That’s a lot of wasted ground to be having to catch up…

There’s plenty to be said…

There’s plenty to be said for the supposed “self-made success story.”

But there’s even more to be said about the keen-to-learn businessman, who seeks advice, takes advice, and achieves things far greater with the right help, than he could ever have achieved on his own.


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