Fast Track To A Rusty Old Garden Chair…..

We need to realise that there are numbers and there are lessons.

And usually the numbers are the lessons.

I learnt at a very early age that in life, the statistical fact that when people reach the age of 65, only 1% are truly wealthy, and 4% are well off.

What that means is that 95% of people reaching the age of 65 are either dead, or broke, or financially dependent on others.

That’s a terrible result for most people after a lifetime of work.

In another statistic, interestingly, when looking at the population, only 3% have made written plans and goals for their future.

Do you think there’s a correlation between these two sets of statistics?

Some people like to tell you what they’ll do when they win the lottery…

Have you ever heard someone say they’ll do something when they win the lottery?

Would it surprise you that a large percentage of people who want to win the lottery don’t even buy a lottery ticket?

I’d reckon that it would be 100% certain that it will be impossible for these people to ever win a lottery if they don’t buy a ticket.

One of my mentors Jim Rohn said this:

“All of the books that we will ever need to make us as rich, as healthy, as happy, as powerful, as sophisticated and as successful as we want to be, have already been written. 

All of the insights that we might ever need have already been captured by others in books. 

The important question is this: In the last ninety days, with this treasure of information that could change our lives, our fortunes, our relationships, our health, our children and our careers for the better, how many books have we read?”

For me, the interesting thing about a book is that it is available information, but it’s not the same as receiving tuition, and coaching.

I can buy a book about golf written by Tiger Woods, and I can read it, but if I had lessons from Tiger Woods, or any golf professional, that looked at how I was hitting the golf ball, and gave me advice and tuition about WHAT THEY SEE I COULD DO BETTER, then my golf game would definitely be better because of the tuition and the 1:1 accountability created, than it would be from me reading a book.

If self-help books worked, then we wouldn’t need self-help books, because by definition, we could work out the answers by ourselves.

Years ago…

Years ago I asked the guy who mowed my next door neighbour’s lawn how much it would cost for me to have him mow my front lawn while I was away overseas? [I was mowing my own lawn at that time]

He told me it would cost me $20 each time for him to do that.

And I then immediately asked him how much would it cost for me to have him mow my front lawn while I was at home?

You see, for $20 a time, I was able to secure the services of a professional person who knew what he was doing and who was able to do a great job for me in a quicker time than I could, while I could be doing something else…

A professional coach sees things from above and outside of your own little silo, and brings that breadth of knowledge and experience to the table in bite sized consumable pieces designed for you to achieve maximum sustainable growth.

Sure, you can buy a full set of Brian Tracy books and delve through them at your own pace…and see how far you get doing trial and error along the way..… or you can use a coach to help you and prevent you from making those mistakes in the first place…

A coach will give you:

A coach will give you:

  1. A proven game plan that works, and has worked for others
  2. A realistic time frame for achieving your goals
  3. Much needed accountability to keep you on the road to success and prevent you from deviation and distraction

95% of people will choose not to have a coach: 

They will choose:

1- No coach. Work it out for themselves

The trial and error method is long, and extensive, and usually expensive when you add up the costs of the errors and the costs of the wasted time…

2- Ask their friends.

See results for “No coach” above

3- Read books and google:

Results in confusion. And results are expensive. Because of time wasted.

Statistics will tell you…

You’ll probably find that the 95% of business owners who don’t choose to work with a coach pretty well matches up with the 95% of the population who end up dead, or dead broke, by age 65…

As Mike Michalowicz says:

“You don’t want to be that guy who one day ends up in a rusty old garden chair regretting a life of toil…”

Where we sit today is a direct result of the actions and commitments we have made over the past five years.

Where you sit in five years time will be a direct result of the actions and commitments you make in the next five years.


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