Five Defining Characteristics Of A Well-Led Business

One of the things you need to have to run a successful business is outstanding leadership.

It’s a quality required of business owners if they want to differentiate their business to stand out and be different.

To stand out, not just amongst similar businesses, but to also stand out as being different amongst businesses in your local community as well.

A well-led business is easy to identify.

1. The business has a clear vision

A clear vision of where the business is going and what that business is trying to achieve.

Without a clear vision, the business has no true purpose, except to “get through” the day, each day.

From day to day, every day.


Without a clear vision for the business, employees have no direction.

Employees don’t know the purpose of the business:

“What are we trying to achieve here?”

This is the common thought of employees in a business without a clear vision.

2. The leader is not invisible

Everyone in the organisation knows who the leader is.

The leader is present, and appears regularly.

The leader is not hiding, and is not distant.

In a small dental practice, the leader is willing to do what is needed, if needed.

In a large corporation, the leader visits the outlets and visits the employees.

In so many corporations there is a disconnect between the shop floor and the head office.

You don’t want an ivory tower in your business.

“The door to my office is always open.”

This should be your governance.

Look at Richard Branson. He’s not invisible.

3. Clear Systems and Processes

A well-led business has clear and concise systems and processes.

These systems and processes cover in detail the procedures and interactions that occur in your business.

There is a clear understanding from the employees as to what needs to be done, in a clear and precise step-by-step manner.

There are also clear guidelines for interactions between employees and customers, employees and each other, and employees and trade people.

Everyone in the business should be able to refer to a document that covers all processes in the business.

4. Contingency Plans and Damage Controls

A well-led business will also have well documented processes as to what to do when something in the business does not quite go to plan.

Sadly, the media, and social media are overflowing with stories about things that went wrong in any business they can find, and how poorly employees of those businesses handled those departures from the norm.

A great leader trains his team to be able to identify all service defects that can occur in the business.

An even greater leader has his team ready to go with perfect service recovery plans when and if there is a service defect in the business.

The way a business recovers from a service defect reflects on the leadership in that business.

Great leadership empowers its employees to right the wrongs in such a way that the act of recovery is more impressive than if the procedure had been handled correctly in the first place.

5. Create more leaders

A great business grows people within the business, so that those people become great.

A great leader will develop his team to see team members rise up and emerge as leaders in their own right.

Sometimes these team members stay as integral members of the operation, and sometimes they leave your organisation to go on to bigger and better things.

A great leader knows that both these results are a win-win.

Businesses with great leaders stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Businesses with great leaders naturally attract more customers.

It just makes sense to improve your leadership of your business….


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