Follow These Principles To Achieve Best Results In Your Dental Practice

A recent article I wrote discussing when to ask for the money, raised an interesting conundrum, especially with one reader.

Last week I had eye surgery performed.

On me.

This involved a private hospital visit and day surgery.

So, this one reader contacted me about an article I wrote last week.

In that article, I wrote about my objection to receiving a phone call from the hospital on the morning before my procedure, about their fee [bill], and the money, before I received a call from them about the agenda for the day visit.

This reader told me that he felt that I was being unreasonable, and that he saw no problem whatsoever with their approach.

In fact, the reader “assumed” that because I had scheduled the day surgery, that I was in total acceptance of their procedures and processes, and that for me to question the order of their processes was actually unreasonable behaviour by me.

Well, let me put it like this:

When you bake a cake, is there a time when it is better to ice the cake, or can you ice the cake at STEP 1?

Of course, it makes sense to prepare the ingredients, mix them in the recommended order, bake the cake, and then ice it?

That’s why we have an order of instructions when baking the cake…. So that we achieve our best results, consistently.

At my dental practice, we found there was an order of events at the end of the appointment that worked best for our practice, and for our patients, that allowed the practice to achieve its best results.

And going for payment first was not doing it for our results, and for our patients.

What we found was that when we arranged our post treatment discussion, and worked out the best order for discussing things, well, that’s when we started to notice a dramatic decrease in cancellations, and a dramatic decrease in patients leaving without making a next appointment.

So, at your dental practice, in what order do you place these events [listed below] at the end of a dental appointment?

Are some of these subjects taboo in your dental office?

A. Take payment

B. Schedule next appointment

C. Discuss today’s treatment

D. Social conversation about the patient

E. Social conversation about practice employees

F. Social conversation about the dental front office employee’s plans for the weekend.

G. Discussion about world happenings and events.


Every dental practice should have a simple, and repeatable process that creates stellar results.

That’s just common sense.

And so is this thought:

When you get dressed each morning, there’s a reason why it’s wiser to put your underwear on prior to your shirt and trousers, and not the other way around….

There will always be a preferred order of events that gives best results.

Hopefully this hospital [and my reader] will work out their own preferred orders….


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