Four New Years Resolutions For Ramping Up Your Dental Customer Service.

I’m a big one for having goals.

Lists of things that we’d like to achieve.

Or should I say want to achieve.



And the end of December is as good a time as any to start planning and writing down some goals.


And not just a “Bucket List”

I’m talking things that need to be done better.

Improvements for a better year next year.

Personal. Family. Health. Wealth. Business.

Yes. Amongst those improvements should be a list of business improvements.

Ninety five percent of New Years Resolutions are rarely kept and achieved.

So, making New Years Resolutions and NOT carrying through with them will leave you in exactly the same place or worse off than you were before you set those goals.

Here are four New Years Resolutions you can set for your Dental Office to really *RAMP UP* your Customer Service and have your clients, customers and patients raving about how much better it is to get their Dentistry done at your Office rather than anywhere else in town.

1. Commit to Tightening Up Every Hole In Your Customer Service Cycle.

Providing World Class Customer Service isn’t just a little bit here and a little bit there.

It doesn’t matter how good a job each of your team members are doing if one weak link in your customer service cycles will bring down and undo all of the good work that the rest of your team are trying to achieve.

You cannot have one person consistently dropping the ball and negating the great work of other team members.


Taking the time to analyse your Dental Office from your patients and clients points of view will go a long way towards improving your cycles and fixing those holes that you were not aware of that are leaking out patients.

2. Promise to Do More Secret Service On Every One Of Your Patients

It needs to be a goal of every team member to not only discover items of personal information about each and every one of your clients and patients but to also relay and share that discovered information with other team members so those staff can also “connect” with those patients.

Nothing impresses a patient more than the feeling that your team members are genuinely connecting with them on a personal level rather than only on a clinical level.

Having Secret Service Systems for sharing this gathered information about patients on a regular and consistent basis goes a long way towards breaking down the barriers that create an “Us and Them” relationship between the Office and the Patients.

Patients love to know you care.

This is a very easy way of showing them.

We all know, as Mary Kaye Ash said, that everyone of our patients is wearing a large invisible sign that reads:

“Make Me Feel Important”

3. Remove the Fluff

To help your team focus on gathering personal information and keeping the banter in the office on topic with the patients’ agendas and not ours it is important to remember what not to talk about.

And that’s the Fluff.

Fluff is topics that have no relevance and are things we cannot change.

Like time, and weather.

Don’t let anyone in your Dental Office be known as the Weather Girl.

“Oh whenever I go into THAT Dental Office the girl on the desk only ever talks about the weather”.

Add the Removal of Fluff to your list of Always and Nevers.

Never talk Fluff.

4. Make them Love You. Genuinely Care About Them.

Constantly be looking for ways to be able to go Above and Beyond for each and every one of your patients.


Be on the look out for small gestures and things that you can do for each patient that make that patient think:

“WOW! This place is SO different from any other Dental Office I’ve ever been to before.”

Because that’s what will keep your patients coming back.

Coming back more often.

Accepting treatment more readily.

And referring more of their friends to you.

It won’t be your prices that keep people coming back.

It will be the way you make them feel.

Because no other Dental Office is doing that.

In fact, not many other businesses are doing these things…

And that’s your point of differentiation…

The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb. If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

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