Four Simple Ways To Stand Out From Your Competitors

One of the most important things about maintaining a World Class Customer Service environment in your Dental Office is about coming up with more and more ways to excite and impress your customers.

Being able to surprise your customers in ways they would never expect is a sure-fire way of keeping those people as customers.

Because everyone else out there in your marketplace is doing *NOTHING* to WOW their customers.


So being able to stand out in the crowd with “something” is way way better than nothing when it comes to wanting to be noticed.

So how do we as dentists go about doing this?

How does your Dental Office make itself appear as “different” to others?

That’s easy…

Appearing Different in the Dental Marketplace is EASY!!

The reason it’s easy to appear different to our competitors is because, simply, nearly all our competitors out there are doing sweet nothing at all when it comes to “marketing” to patients.


Zip. Zero. Nix….


So based on this, anything will get you noticed.


Most Dental Offices out there aren’t even taking the time to improve the “internal” marketing in their office.

Most don’t have a Customer Service System.

Most don’t know about the benefits, multiplied over and over, of implementing an Ultimate Patient Experience protocol in their Dental Office.

And what that protocol will return to them, in spades, if they were to implement!

They’re clueless….



The language you use in your Dental Office can make you stand out compared to your competition.

Actually, the language you use *WILL* make you stand out period, against nearly all other businesses out there! Of all types!

Always speaking courteously and politely to your patients and to each other rather than using “street talk” will set your Dental Office well apart from all other businesses around.


Small physical gifts cost very little.


If your clients are truly of value to you, then showering them regularly with small, thoughtful gifts will make them feel special.

And because of the Law of Reciprocity, they’ll be more likely to stay with you and less likely to leave you if they’re regularly reminded of how thoughtful you are by the arrival in their mailbox of small tokens, thoughtful personalised tokens, of your appreciation of them, and their business.


Always be on the lookout for newsworthy items, articles and stories that you can clip, copy or download and print to either give, or send to your patients.

If sending, I’d send them something physical in the mail firstly, then follow that up with an email copy or link a week or two later, to make it a double “touch”.

Phone Calls

Have you ever thought to go and pick up the phone and call someone and say hi to them?

A friend you haven’t seen in a while?

Have you ever received a call in a similar manner?

It feels great!

Imagine how your valued patients will feel when they receive a phone call from you out of the blue, just to say “Hi, how are you?”

Regularly making contact with your clients beyond their regular visits to your Dental Office will establish a bond, a connection far stronger with them than just “being their dentist”.

So that when it’s time for them to recommend a friend, or when someone asks them whether they know a good Dentist, your name is always front of mind.

Better still, when they’re automatically telling their friends “Oh, you’ll never guess what my Dentist sent me yesterday”, their friends will naturally want to know who that Dentist is.

Because no other Dental Office around is doing this.

In fact, no other businesses around are doing this!!


The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb. If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

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