Four Things You Can Do Right Now To Immediately Grow Any Business…Even A Dental Business.

There are many ways to grow your business.

You should never rely on using just one way exclusively. Rather, you should have multiple ways of growing your business.

Each of those ways should be adding to your business, but you should be able to TURN THE DIAL on each or any of those ways WHEN NEEDED to add value and revenue to your business.

1- Increase the number of customers.

This is the obvious way that most business owners think is their best solution for increasing the turnover of their business.

“I just need more new patients….”

I wish I had a dollar for every time that I heard a dentist say these words.

More leads.

“I just need more leads….”

“I better do some more marketing….”

Indeed, attracting more leads and more new patients to call your dental practice is the obvious way to immediately “FIX” a dental office production problem.

Or is it?

Adding more water to a leaky bucket adds to more leakage.

And turning up the water pressure doesn’t do anything more except add to more leakage, sometimes creating additional leakage points.

There’s no point in trying to attract new clients to a business with poor systems… you will only leak out more of that which you are trying to create…. That is, you will lose loyal customers who love what you do for them.

2. Increase the frequency of visits each customer makes to your business.

If your business is one of “repeat business”, that is, customers returning to see you on a regular basis, then shortening the time frame between their visits will dramatically improve your business.

Have a look at your dental hygiene patients… are there some of those who should be more active in terms of their oral health?

I heard that in the USA, two-thirds of dental hygiene patients visit their dental hygienist four times a year.

In Australia, most dental hygiene patients only see their hygienist twice each year.

Ask yourself this?

If there was no fee charged for visiting the dental hygienist, would your patients visit the hygienist more frequently than what they do now?


So, if the WANT is there…. All we need to do is satisfy that “want”.

3- Increase the number of purchases per visit.

Are we looking at ways to “add value” to our patients’ visits, by helping them to purchase additional goods and services each time that they visit our dental office.

I’m not advocating doing unnecessary dental treatments, but is there a way that we could be doing multiple treatments on patients during individual visits, as opposed to doing single treatments per visit, spread out over a long period of time?

4- Raise your fees.

Most dentists are fearful of raising their fees, and so fail to increase their fees in line with the Cost of Living, effectively giving themselves a PAY CUT every time that they fail to do so.

Raising the fees for what you do is the simplest and easiest way of increasing your dental practice production, and your dental practice’s bottom line.

Raising your fees is 100% profit.

Strategic GENTLE fee increases are easily accepted by your loyal clientele as being “a fact of life” in business.


Interestingly, points 2,3, and 4 above are suggestions for internal-driven growth in your business.

They are reliant on you having a loyal base of customers who love, like, and trust you, and feel valued and respected.

Treating those loyal customers with WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE is paramount in determining your business’s success in using points 2,3, and 4.

And of course, if you do not have a significant base of loyal customers, your business could simply just be a PERMANENT REVOLVING DOOR, with new customers entering on one side of the doorway and leaving immediately on the other side.

Your business may just need better customer service systems for retaining and pampering all of those loyal patients.

If you intend to try and attract new customers to your business it is imperative that the FIRST IMPRESSION that they have when they make contact with your business is as impactful and positive as possible.

This is why you need your dental office phones to be being answered as best they can be:

“You only have one chance to make a great first impression.”

When a new Patient phones your dental office for the first time and schedules their first visit, you want to make sure that when that first phone call ends they are so looking forward to that first appointment that they are hanging up the phone and hoping so much that your office will be calling them back and bringing that appointment forward.

If your new patient callers are turning into FIRST APPOINTMENT CANCELLERS and NO-SHOWS, you might want to look closely at how well, or how poorly those incoming calls are being handled…

A product like Call Tracking Excellence may be needed, and would definitely benefit your dental practice.

Often what I see is that your business doesn’t need more leads. It simply needs a better system for converting the leads and enquiries that it already has coming in.


Need your phones monitored?

Are you concerned about the number of calls that are not being answered as best they can be?

You need Call Tracking Excellence.

For the cost of a less than one cleaning per week, you could have your phones being answered much much better….

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