Four Ways To Make 2015 A Year To Remember

January is a great time to plan improvements for your Dental Office.

It’s a good time to think of things that need attention and set wheels in motion to make improvements.

Here are some clear and simple things you can begin today to make 2015 one of your best years ever.

Evaluate Your Team

Take a good look at your Dental Office team.

Are they all doing what they need to be doing to help your business move in the direction that YOU want it to be going?

Are they all doing what they need to be doing to help your business move in the direction that it’s capable of moving in?

Are all your team members on board?

Are they all supportive of the results you want to achieve?

One or two staff that are NOT “with the programme” can really divert the bus from the direction it needs to be travelling.

Make sure that everyone is working for the common good.

Evaluate Yourself

Make sure that you yourself are not holding back your business.

Sometimes I see great Dental Offices being strangled by beliefs and actions of the Principal Dentist that prevent the practice from moving to new levels.

Levels that can be easily achieved if the Dentist would just get out of their own way!

“My patients would never want that”


“My staff would never allow me to do that”

These are two very limiting phrases that I hear dentists say that are more reflective of the dentist than of the staff or the patients.

You’ll be surprised how loyal and trusting your patients are when you suggest new treatments and new experiences for them.

I recently saw a Dental Office where the hygiene department *EXPLODED* when it was suggested to those patients in need that three-monthly visits would be better for their Oral Health than the six monthly visits that they had been receiving.

The patients jumped at the opportunity of improving their oral care with additional visits.

I saw another office fill out its appointment schedule dramatically by diagnosing *AND PLANNING* and booking restorative work that it had previously been hesitant to treat.

Again, it was the patients wanting to protect their heavily restored teeth with more sustainable comprehensive dentistry that created this demand for the Doctor.

In both these cases it was the limiting beliefs of those in the practice that had previously been “holding patients back” from receiving the treatment that they needed and wanted.

Seek Better Advice

Are you receiving the best advice?

Are you getting the best help that you need to allow your Dental Office to improve?

Improvement for your Office means ultimately improved collections and an improvement in your Bottom Line.

And when that happens theirs more money for the practice to invest in itself, and invest in its team.

And there’s more money to pay dividends to the practice owners as well.

How is your accounting advice?

Are you getting the best tax advice, or could it be better?

And how’s your advertising and marketing going for you?

Do you have a systematic plan for the next twelve months and beyond to make the people of your community sit up and take note that your Dental Office is the only place they should ever be going for all their dental needs.

And no other.

And are you treating those patients of your practice in such a way that there’s no way in the big wide world that they would ever contemplate going anywhere else for their dentistry?

How’s your business advice?

Are you planning your growth by listening to those who know what works and what doesn’t?

Or are you listening to those who “think” something is a good idea, or those who might be waiting to see if that idea works for you before they “try it” themselves?

As dentists, as a whole, we are often so caught up in the technical side of what we do that we literally miss the opportunities of improvement for our practices because of the lack of correct advice.

Because we either don’t seek that advice or we act on poor or unqualified advice.

In 2015, make sure that your counsel is moving you and your practice to exactly where your practice needs to be heading.

If you’re not happy with your accountant then seek out a better accountant.

If you have no real knowledge of advertising and marketing seek out those who have and ask for their advice.

And if you want your practice to grow, seek out those practices that have grown and find out how they did it.

Seek Better Patients

There will always be people seeking better dental care.

The aim is to make those people seek it from you.

There will be members of the public who will be seeking a better Dental Office than where they have been previously going.

And there will be patients of your practice who will seek better care from you than you’ve been providing to them in the past.

The aim is to make sure that both these types of patients seek your Dental Office out as being the right place for their Dental needs.

For things to change in 2015, you must change.

Take these steps and make 2015 one of your best years ever!

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