Get A Head Start On Goal Setting

Statistics will tell you that 97% of the population do not set goals.

Ninety seven percent of the population do not have a written list of their goals that they read and review daily.

The three percent of the population that do have a list of their goals that they have written down, and read and review, tend to be the achievers in society.

As a correlation, statistics will tell you that for every calendar year, 95% of those born in that year either do not reach the age of 65, or have reached the age of 65 and have not accumulated the financial resources to allow them to retire from work and live without assistance from government or family… 95% of people reaching the age of 65 are either dead, or dead broke.

There definitely appears to be a connection between these two statistics for goal setting and financial wellbeing.

Most people who attempt to set goals…

Most people who attempt to set goals do so on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and have disregarded any list made by January 14 or January 28…

Most people do not stick to their plan.

To those people, goal setting and goal keeping requires too much difficulty.

They say:

“It’s too hard”

“What’s the point?”

The point is….

If goal setting was easy everybody would do it…

It is difficult, but it is rewarding.

“Obesity is hard.

Being fit is hard.

Choose your hard.”

“Marriage is hard.

Divorce is hard.

Choose your hard.”

“Being in debt is hard.

Being financially disciplined is hard.

 Choose your hard.”


“Life will never be easy.

It will always be hard.

But we can choose our hard.”

How to set goals:

Make three lists:

  • Six month goals
  • Two year goals
  • Ten year goals

For each of those three lists separate your goals into:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Occupational and career
  • Wealth [finances]
  • Holidays
  • Assets [physical things]

I’ve listed these two lists in specific orders of importance.

Firstly, start with short term goals… six months before ten years.

And start with family and then health, before money and stuff.

Start now!

The good news about goal setting is that you can start goal setting now, today, this minute… there’s no lining up and waiting…

And the sooner you start goal setting, the sooner things start getting better for you.


There may be sub-categories…

For each category there may be several subcategories… but the aim is clear.

Write goals down. And set a date. And prioritise in the orders that I have recommended.

Why in those orders?

Because without family and health, life is pretty ordinary, and the other stuff doesn’t matter.

No point being the richest guy in the hospital ward. With no visitors.

Now go ahead. Do it.


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