“Get Out Of My Way, I’m Here To Do The Exam!”

When is the correct time for the dentist to do the dental examination in the hygiene room?

Should the hygiene room appointment follow a certain set script and time frame, or should the dentist do his examination when it suits the dentist?

This is a question or even a statement of fact that I hear and see so often.

Today I’ll look at it from the dentist’s point of view:

Five Reasons Why The Dentist Should Do The Hygiene Patient Exam When It Suits The Dentist

1. The dentist is a busy person

The dentist is busy, and because he is busy seeing other patients, he is the only person in the dental office who knows when it is the best time for him to do that examination.This is really important because he is so busy that he can’t be made to fit into someone else’s plan, if it means slowing the dentist down.

2. The patient the dentist is seeing in his treatment room is more important than the hygiene patient.

After all, the hygiene patient is “just a clean” and therefore is not as important as the patient having restorative, because, after all, the restorative patient is paying more than the hygiene patient, so how dare the hygiene room dictate to the dentist when they want him to come in….the dentist will come into the hygiene room when it suits the dentist!!!

3. The practice can’t let the hygiene room patients think that the dentist is at the beck and call of the hygienist.

How could the dentist ever live down that public humiliation that he is there to jump when the hygienist says, “Jump”.After all, it’s his dental office, not the hygienists, so how can we ever let it even look as though the hygienist is controlling the dentist’s time?That’s not on. It must not happen.

4. The dentist prefers to do his examinations on hygiene patients while part or all of their mouth is still covered in plaque, tartar, food and stains, and hopefully some blood.

After all, he’s tough. He’s a dentist.He can see through all that gunk, and the smell of it doesn’t bother him.

5. He’s heard all the reasons why he should structure the hygiene visit, but that’s not for him.

He’s the owner. He knows best. The buck stops with him.

His decision is final.

Next week I’ll be challenging these five reasons above, and letting you know five reasons why the hygiene visit should follow a specific structure and template.


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