Have You Got The Guts To Stay Above The Price Wars?  

The purpose of being in business is to be in business.

A healthy business runs at a healthy profit.

A healthy business employs people.

A healthy business stays around.

There’s no point in being in business if your business is not healthy.

What’s the point of living hand to mouth?

It worries staff. It worries customers.

A profitable business reinvests in itself, spending money on capital expenses.

A healthy business makes a profit, and pays taxes on those profits.

A healthy business pays dividends to its shareholders, who pay tax on those dividends.

Our government can use those taxes from the business, and the taxes from employee salaries, for welfare and health.

So why is there now an increasing supply of dentists in the USA and in Australia?

Why is dentistry, as an industry, now creating an oversupply, and with that oversupply, creating narrow margins for those trying to make a living?


And make a living after investing big time in their own education and investing even bigger time in acquiring a Dental Office or building a start up Dental Office.

Why is there now such an oversupply that is causing our educated Dentists to start competing against each other on price?

And price alone?

It’s crazy to think that a price war in Dentistry is going to be good for the population in general.

With most of the population not going to the dentist on a regular basis, you’d have to wonder what the rationale is for creating a massive oversupply?

If it was simply that the population can’t get in to see a dentist because there’s not enough of them then giving the world more dentists should be the answer?

I don’t think so.

Most of the population do not go to the dentist because of fear, followed by perceived lack of need, or apathy.

I’ve yet to hear the reason for underutilization of dentists being because the population don’t know where the dentists are because there’s so few of them.

So putting more dentists on each street corner isn’t going to make the public go to the dentist more just because there are more of them about.

Dentists outnumber Starbucks stores in the USA by more than 14:1

So if there are already a truckload of dentists out there already, and the powers that be seem to feel that we need more dentists, then how can we as business owners survive in this world of ever increasing oversupply?

Well that’s easy.

You need to create a differential so powerful that customers and patients are going to beat a path to your door.

Dentistry doesn’t have to be an all out price war that everybody joins in to.

There are still expensive automobiles out there.

There are still expensive restaurants to dine at.

Not everybody is riding a bicycle.

Not everybody is eating take-out.

The Ritz Carlton is still open for business?

There will always be a demand for quality and service.

There will always be a discerning population who value quality and service even at the Dentist.

It’s your role, as a service provider to stand out from the masses of price fighting dentists competing against each other with no differential.

Because there will be a general public out there looking for what you should be offering.

It’s just going to be more difficult for them to find you amongst a sea of discounting dentists.

But the quality conscious will find you.

And when you give them great service, world-class service, they will keep coming back top see you.

Again and again and again.

How do I know?

Because this is what I did in my practice.

I provided an exceptional environment of world-class service in an average part of Sydney, and consumers seeking this differential beat a path to my door.

It’s a given that there will always be consumers in every market, who will seek out quality and service over “best price”.

And when they do, in dentistry, you need to be ready for them….


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