Have You Got The Wrong People On Your Bus?

One of the things I run into when I coach Dental Offices is team members who don’t want to be coached on Customer Service.

“We’re already doing that.”


“We tried that and it didn’t work”

are two of the *common excuses* that I hear from team members who simply do not want to improve on what’s going on in their Dental Office.

“Oh that’ll never work here”


“Our patients would never agree to that”

are another two of the *classic excuses* offered up by the stick in the mud team members, who don’t want to entertain the thought that what they’ve been dishing up to their patients on behalf of their office is anywhere short of inadequate or ineffective.

At my recent two day workshop to a select group of Dentists and Dental Teams in Manhattan New York, I had one team member say:

“I’ve been a hygienist for ten years and when I saw Dr Moffet’s material I thought I knew everything. But you know what, when I tried it, it works. And it works better than anything else I’ve ever used before.”

Another practice manager spoke about how her office in Brooklyn New York

“had tried at least two “other” companies and systems, but that nothing had worked as well as Dr Moffet’s Ultimate Patient Systems.”

I guess I’ve been polite to this point in calling these dissenters “team” members because really by the way they’ve spoken so closed-mindedly and expressed their disagreement so publicly to the direction their Dentist has wanted to take the practice that they really are not eligible to be entitled to call themselves members at all.


Really, by virtue of the fact that they have been so averse to the direction that their boss has wanted the practice to go, their behaviour has been more typical of mutiny.

And for what?

Because the aim of the team is to support the decisions of the owner.

Especially when the evidence that the owner presents is that there does exist a better way.

The problem for the dissenters is that this new way requires change.

And these dissenters will do anything within their power to maintain the status quo, no matter how economically unstable the current status quo in their Dental Office is.

All to protect their “comfortable” piece of turf.

Because change to something new requires effort.

And most of the time the disdained know that a little squawking now can be quite effective in avoiding the pain of change, and of having to learn new skills, or speak more pleasantly, or dare I say, think outside the box.

I’ve seen the introduction of new systems and new tracking arrangements met with ferocious hostility from those disdainers who dread accountability.

When really the opportunity to learn new skills, to make ones self better at what one does should be motivation enough to embrace change and move forward with inspiration.

You can’t argue with Einstein:

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” – Albert Einstein

I’ve coached teams that have embraced change and tried different ways because their minds were *NOT* mediocre.

And the results have been phenomenal.

Just last week one of my clients in Pennsylvania in his sixties had thanked me for getting him to “think outside the box”.

With an increase in collections in his fourth month of working with me of sixty six percent more than the average monthly collection for the previous twelve months, that’s a change that gets people thinking:

“I wonder if he can do the same for me?”

And the answer is simple:

I can.

And I will.

When you free those mediocre minds off your bus.

The trouble is, as Jim Rohn put it so eloquently, there are too many people out there majoring in minor things…

“Learn how to separate the majors and the minors. A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things” – Jim Rohn

It’s important when hiring people to work in your office that the people you choose have the correct aptitude and attitude to serve your organisation the way it needs to be served.

Shep Hyken says it so well:

“The best customer-focused people care. They have empathy, sympathy, patience, tolerance, understanding, passion and, of course, sincerity. So hire customer service reps that care, and who already have the personality to succeed in a customer service position.” – Shep Hyken

Choose people who do care to be on your team.

Choose people who reflect you, and your care, and your vision.

Avoid the mediocre.

They’ll try their hardest to drag you down to their level.

And that’s not a good place to be….


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