Hiring The Best People To Provide The Ultimate Patient Experience

Who are the best people to have on board as your team members and co-workers in your Dental Office?

What sort of person is the “right fit” for an office providing the Ultimate Patient Experience for its clients and customers?

The simple answer to this question is that it’s an employee for whom nothing is ever too much of a bother for them.



You know the kind?

An employee who is always looking to make others happy.

An employee whose sole purpose in life is that they have *a need to please*.

They have a need to please their employer.

They have a need to please their co-workers.

And they have a need to please their customers.

They’re the kind of employee who does things without ever having to be asked.

They’re on top of their game.

They’re always busy.

They’ve always got something happening.

When they’re not with a patient, then they’re with the office.

And by that, they’re busy.

They’re busy restocking. They’re busy cleaning and polishing. They’re busy preparing. They’re busy getting ready for whatever’s coming up either in the short term or the long term.

They’re always looking after their boss and their co-workers.

If they’re going out, they’re asking all the team if any of them need anything?

And that includes checking with the dentist as well, just in case?

I guess it’s a case of the employee doing *Offer The Offer* with her co-workers, isn’t it?


She’s the kind of employee who brings the dentist a cup of tea without asking, or better still, has a hot cup of tea ready and waiting for the dentist the moment he arrives at the Dental Office in the morning.

She’s the kind of employee you need to force to take her lunch break, who without asking, is always back before she’s needed and who makes sure that if she’s not going to be able to, then she has everything ready, and I mean everything ready, so that nobody is let down by her absence.

And she knows that down the back in the Dental Office, there’s always, always something to do.

With patients, she’s not a Dental Assistant, she’s a carer.

She’s an attendee.

She’s a companion.

She’s a true friend.

She’s their friend first and their Dental Assistant secondly.

At the front desk, she’s so customer centric, it’s just amazing to behold.

She’s a concierge.

She’s a companion.

She’s a hostess.

She’s greeting the patients like they’re her long lost friends.

Or better still, like they’re her sister, her aunty, her niece, or her Nan.

Or her Pop.

There’s a genuine love and respect that she gives out to her clients, that they can only reciprocate, because anything less from them would be an insult.

And yet she gives out this warmth unconditionally.

When she’s on the phone, or making appointments, she’s committed to making sure that it’s an “experience” for the customer, and the action of making the booking is purely secondary to the duty of displaying genuine care and love and respect for that patient, first and foremost.

And yet, through all this, she has an underlying concern and care for the Dental Office that it’s needs are being met.

Because a busy office is a happy office.

But not just a busy office. A productive office.

She knows that it’s important for the patient that all their dental work that gets diagnosed gets scheduled and completed.

Because what’s best for the patient is a healthy mouth, not incomplete work and active disease.

And nothing is ever too much for her.

It’s no trouble for her to get the door for the elderly. In fact, it’s no trouble for her to sometimes go and get the elderly and drive them to your office.

Because that’s the kind of person she is.

She’s completing her bookwork, she’s completing her paperwork, and she’s up to date with her domain.

And all that’s in it.

Without being asked.

And nothing is ever a bother, or too much trouble.

If she’s part of the clinical team, she knows its bad form to be walking out the front door while the patient she just finished treating is still being served at the front office.

Not so much for the patient, but for the front office team mates.

And in the mornings, if she’s a later starter, she walks around the office and greets every employee and every patient by name.


And sometimes, out of the blue, she’ll bring hot bread and pastries for her patients and co-workers.

Because she has a need to please.

Finally, if she’s a doctor, or a hygienist, she greets each team member as if they are her superior, because she knows, that without their help, her role in the office is so much more difficult.

She’s full of praise for her customers and clients.

And for her co-workers.

For her co-workers, she’s full of gratitude.

When she arrives, she greets everybody by name, and when she leaves, at the end of the day, it’s exactly the same.

But with sincere thanks and appreciation for the contributions of her co-workers.

And again, when she’s not with patients, she’s with the practice.

Going over files, and checking on patients who require follow on care.

Because dentistry is about care.

You’ll know when you have the services of a great team member working with you.

Just like you’ll know when you have not.

You’ll know that a great team member, as I’ve described, is, as they say in the ad, priceless….

Worth their weight in gold…

The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple easy to implement system that I developed that allowed me to build an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb.  If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

Email me: david@theUPE.com

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