How Bad Is Your Phone?

How badly is your phone being answered?

And why is your phone being answered in such a poor manner?

Do you as the business owner know how badly your phones are being answered?

Do you as the business owner have any idea at all about how difficult it is for your customers and potential customers to do business with your organisation because your phones are being answered so poorly?

Why is this so?

Are the people you are hiring not being instructed on best practices when it comes to phone answering?

Or are they deliberately sabotaging your business?

Or do they believe that they are providing great service [when in fact they are not]?

Or is your business so busy that the people answering your phones have nowhere to put all the extra business that is calling your business?

Here’s a couple of bad ones:

Today I had the duty of coordinating some printing and publishing.

My printing is a one page insert, and my printer needs to send the completed printing to a publisher who is then inserting the printed insert into a magazine being published.

My printer sent me an email wanting to know exactly when the printed inserts needed to arrive at the publisher.

So I phoned the publisher.

The girl who answered the phone there had very little idea at all about what was going on there, and suggested I needed to call the organisation that was “their client” who was publishing the magazine.

Here’s what she did not do:

She did not try to solve my problem.

She did not solve my problem.
She did not offer to follow up with me to see if my problem ever did get solved.

She did not record my contact details nor did she record the [very specific] reason for my call.

As far as this person was concerned, she had shuffled my question off her desk and out into cyberspace.

My problem was no longer something that she needed to be involved with.

She had flick passed it.

The fact that my problem could have remained a problem and carried on as a bigger problem did not concern this woman.

She had done all that she needed to do. 

She had flick passed it.

The second poor phone manner I encountered today was when I then called the organisation who was publishing the magazine.

The woman who answered the phone there answered my call on about the sixth ring. And I think also after my call had been placed on hold.

When she did speak to me I felt as though I had been an interruption for her.

I did not feel as if I had interrupted her doing something. 

I was made to feel as if I had interrupted her doing nothing at all.

I was not made to feel welcomed on the phone.

Nor was she really able to leave me feeling confident about the answer she gave me after my call was put on hold.

I did not feel inspired.

I did not feel like a valued customer.

What should happen:

The caller should always feel inspired when they finish their call.

The caller should always feel a confidence that they are in the right place, and that they will be looked after.

The caller should always feel as though they cannot wait for their transaction [or appointment] to go ahead.

And the caller is confident they are going to be well looked after.

The caller feels important.

Every caller to your office should feel inspired and feel welcomed.

They need to know that they are in good hands, and that they are valued as a human being.

Every caller must feel a sense of anticipation as they wait for the next day that your business transacts with them.

And nothing less will do….


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