How Badly Does Your Dental Business Want To Improve?  

There’s a real trust required when being an employer.

You need to be able to let people do what you employ them to do.

Without micromanaging.

With trust. Not distrust.

It’s the same for employees.

Employees need to trust each other and their employers that things are being done correctly to the standards that they need to be done.

Dentistry is one of those businesses where a lot of trust needs to be given.

Because the owner of the business usually has his back to the employees for most of the day.

Unlike normal businesses, like retail, where the owner walks the floor in a supervisory role, in dentistry the owner is the one spinning the wheels, at the coalface all day long, so to speak.

And so by its very nature, dentistry can attract the lazy and deceiptful to it as employees.

On the contrary, its always a pleasure to meet dental employees who are self sufficient go getters who have the ability to work productively and efficiently in an unsupervised manner.

These self-starters are a true pleasure to behold.

The trouble is, as a dentist, once you’ve been subjected to lazy employees, it can kind of tarnish your view of employees.

The trust can be eroded.

And that trust in human nature can take some time to return, if at all.

It’s sad because most people are inherently honest, on the whole.

And that’s a good thing.

But are they diligent?


Or do they reach a point of “coasting”?

A point where they decide that enough effort is enough.

A point where they decide that they’re comfortable and they don’t need to and don’t want to go that little bit extra any more.

That they’re not going to bother going that little bit extra any more.

We all have seen it…employees who reach their own personal glass ceiling.

And still sometimes it can even be the employer who draws the line in the sand…

I’ve seen Dental Offices where the business could really do with some simple improvements to take it to a new more productive level, but the Dentist Owner tells me that they’re happy with where things are at the moment.

And so simple opportunity is lost.

The opportunity to take some easy growth is declined.

And it’s usually because the employees of that Dental Office have reached a state of equilibrium, and the owner is fearful of a mutiny if he disturbs that status quo by suggesting more duties that may require an emotional stretch.

And this would be because that stretch would be required by the unsupervised.

Sometimes the necessary stretch is required by the dentist.

Sometimes it’s the dentist who needs to move outside their comfort zone…

In just the same way that it was uncomfortable learning how to drill plastic teeth, so too will it be uncomfortable in learning how to be a good manager and a good businessman.

So how do great Dental Offices come to be?

It’s a matter of like attracting like, I guess.

Strong leadership attracts strong team members.

But to a point of balance.

Nobody likes to work for a dictator or a micromanager.


But a dentist who wilts in the sun like a sunflower on a hot summer’s day is not a good employer to work for either.

Great Dental Offices morph into greatness over time.

Not overnight.

The pursuit of greatness is not a quick fix.

But it can be achieved over time.

It requires a little stretching by all. Not just one or some.

But improvement can be achieved, in every case.

It’s just how much improvement is wanted.

And by whom.

And how many…


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