How Desperate Are You For Business?

To be the tallest building, you can either build the tallest building ever, or you can tear down those taller than you…

Which would you choose?

When I built my Dental Practice in the heart of Western Sydney, I chose not to look at what everyone else was doing.


In a land of fibro homes, where people had average incomes, average jobs and drove average cars….

I chose for my practice to deliver exemplary customer service to those in the area that preferred to be treated better.

I wouldn’t have even known who my nearest competitor was, because I was focused on being better for my patients tomorrow than I was for them today.

And being better did not mean getting my mates to give me fake five star ratings on my Facebook page.

Because that would be misleading advertising….

And being better did not mean bagging my competition either.

Because there’s a market out there for those customers who want to treat dentistry like a commodity.

But I did not.

I treated every patient like true family and friends.

I gave them only the best World Class Ultimate Patient Experience each and every time they came in.

From the beginning of their visit right up to the moment they left our Dental Office.

And beyond.

You see, I knew the numbers.

I did not need to be the best Dentist in town to every person who lived in my town.

I only needed to be the best Dentist to those in my town who chose to receive my services.

You cannot be everything to everybody.

But if you choose a niche, and service that niche exclusively, you will be successful.

When a dentist around the corner from me gave me his patient files because he was retiring and was unable to sell his practice, I wrote to the patients in his data base on his recare programme and told them:

  1. I only did white fillings
  2. I had a dental hygienist
  3. My fees were higher
  4. I had all their records

And about one hundred of those patients chose to come, and stayed, and received care and treatment beyond their wildest expectations.

But you have to be honest with your customers.

When they go to your website and read the “About Us” page, don’t put up rubbish like

Dr Brown believes in the fundamental importance of continuing education.

Dr Brown believes in the fundamental importance of life after death…

What the heck is “fundamental importance” anyway?

Except a tautology.

Tell us that Dr Brown has three kids and likes playing golf, wrestling water buffalo, or abseiling down three hundred metre cliff faces.

And tell us about all the staff on the “About Us” page.

Not just about Dr Brown.

Tell us that Mary on the front desk loves taking her grandsons to the ice rink on the weekend.
Tell us that Julie the hygienist is a soccer goalkeeper on Sundays.

But don’t ignore your team and the fact that they are human.

Because when and if you do get a new patient into your office, they’re going to see that the team is “about” more than just  “the fundamental importance of continuing education”.

It’s been said, time and time again, that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, and that’s all they really want to know:

  • Are you a real person?
  • Are you nice?
  • Are you going to hurt them?

So don’t go rabbiting on about all the courses you attend.

Just show them photos of your kids.

And your pets….


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