How Is Your Dental Business Plan Looking?

The best thing about owning a dental practice is that you are indeed the owner of a business.

It’s great to think that as a business owner you then can be rewarded MORE for providing a great service and a great experience to your patients than you would be if you were simply an employee in someone else’s business.

As a business owner you are the person who is able to control the experience that your customers receive.

It is in your hands.

You determine how your dental office markets its services and where it markets its services.

You determine the skill level of your team members and how they learn and acquire their skills, and you monitor their use and expression of those skills so that their actions and their voices truly reflect you as the owner of the dental office.

As the owner of the dental office you have the ability to determine all of the systems and protocols that your office needs to follow to be a successful expression of the services and experiences that you wish to provide to your marketplace.

As an employee you do not have the same ability to influence.

As a business owner you have the ability to control your business’s influence in the marketplace.

As a business owner you have the ability to resist outside influences on your business by the way that you structure your business.

If you are not in control of your business, then you are doing things incorrectly and you may need to reassess your plan.

You do have a plan?

All businesses should have a plan.

Without a plan you are simply a cork floating in a stream, being dragged by the current.

Your plan is your rudder and your oars.

Your plan determines how your business manages during good times and not so good times.

When I was a dentist working in my own practice I met dentists with no plan.

I couldn’t see the point of not being rewarded for all of the time and money that it takes to become a dentist and to purchase or set up a dental office.

You owe it to yourself and your family to maximize your return from all of the efforts that you have invested into your dental journey so far.

As a dental coach I still meet dentists with no clear plan.

And I meet dentists with the wrong plan.

Where is your dental business taking you?

Are you in control of your local market?

Only five percent of dentists can afford to retire when they reach retirement age, and the great thing is, that how they did this, is not a secret.

You do have the ability to change your dental destiny.

How is your dental business plan looking?


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