How To Break Bad Habits And Achieve Your Business Goals

Whenever I start working with a new client I look at the performance of that dental practice and what they have been achieving prior to engaging my services.

The aim of course with the coaching is to then set incremental goals that allows the practice to improve in stages.

“Little hinges swing big doors”

Small incremental changes that are implemented and adopted result in big changes as time goes by.

Large improvements can often be temporary and suffer “rebound”.

In the same way that dieters rebound after dieting [they lose the weight and then magically, some or all of that weight that they lost reappears!!], we want to avoid or eliminate any rebound effects in the business achieved from unsustainable improvements.

There really are no overnight solutions.

Often, the habits and conditions present that have led to the current situation are so entrenched that correcting them becomes a significant “work in progress”.

But with time, small improvements over time will lead to sustainable new behaviours, moving forwards.

And that’s what everybody wants to see and hear.

Business owners, team leaders and team members all want to know that their improvements and changes in behaviour are leading to beneficial outcomes.

But you need to crawl before you can walk.

And you must walk before you can run.

And you do run slowly before you run fast.

I’m always alarmed when I see practice owners who want to up their collections from $600K per year to $1M per year in a short period of time.

You see, there is no magic bullet.

Improvements are achievable over time, but improvements of that order of magnitude will not magically occur overnight.

In most dental practices, the habits that have become ingrained that have lead that practice to its current position are also the habits that require a concentrated attention to break.

And correct.

But break them we must.

Or else we do not improve.


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