How To Build A Successful Business

Years ago the great Bob Johnson told me that the best way to be successful in business was to give all your customers and potential customers the world’s worst headache, and then let them know that you’re the only guy in town with an aspirin…

It’s called problem solving.

And yet I see so many people building businesses as if there are no customers.

They say:

“I’ve got a great idea for a business….”

And I ask them:

“Who’s going to buy this product and how many customers do you think you will need to make this a viable business?” 

Business is all about supply and demand….

If what you sell is something people don’t need, then you ain’t got no business.

You’re not going to make a fortune selling ski boots in Hawaii.

And it doesn’t matter how aerodynamic those boots are, or how sexy they look, and how many Olympic Gold medalists endorse them… ski boots aren’t walking out the door in sports stores in Hawaii.

There has to be a need…

Once you’ve got a product that people need, and best of all, a consumable product that exhausts and needs to be replenished that people need to purchase on a regular basis, then you have a much better recipe for business success.

But a business is always more than just a product…

Because products can be duplicated, and improved upon by your competitors.

And your competitors can also sell to your customers at a lower price.

The thing that keeps your customers coming back to you instead of going to your competitors is their sense of loyalty that they have towards you and your business. And that loyalty is built upon the exceptional service that your team provides that makes each customer feel special each and every time they do business with your company.

You can still kill that business if you don’t respect your customers.

Steve Jobs said this about business:

“You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.”

So many businesses forget this, and focus on their product, and lose touch with their customers as real live human beings with emotions and feelings.

Your customers will leave you if you fail to make them feel important and valued.

Your customers will leave you and go to your competitors if they ever feel taken for granted or feel ignored by your staff, or your business.

To have and maintain a successful business you must always be focussing on providing an exceptional customer experience for each and every customer at each and every time that you see them.

No exceptions allowed….


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