How To Go About Building Powerful Rock-Solid Team Relationships In Your Dental Practice

How does a dental practice move from being a chaotic rabble to become a business run by a powerful team using a seamless sequence of World-Class methodologies?

The processes that a successful dental practice needs to go through to become a POWERFUL TEAM operating under a well-planned sequence of necessary logical processes is one that every dental practice must engage in to ensure that it functions smoothly and with minimal stress.

Otherwise, true success will not happen.

Hoping that true success will happen is just plain fantasy.

But rest assured. Creating a functional powerful team of employees in your organisation is a logical process.

And we do know that every dental practice has the opportunity of creating its own blueprints and frameworks for its success.

We have already discussed that the establishment of a community’s respect towards their dentist can be affected in a number of both positive and negative ways.

Building your business processes on a well thought out framework of WORLD-CLASS METHODOLOGIES will allow your dental practice to function with smoother flow and significantly less stress and this certainly goes a long way towards building that respect from your community.


Of paramount importance in building a successful business is the creation of long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect between the business and its customers, between the business and its team members and between each of the team members working within that business.

It’s all about knowing that there’s always someone who has “got your back”  and is working with you and has your best interests at heart, always.

These intertwining and interconnected trusted relationships that are created between the team members, the business, and the customers, are really what goes into determining whether or not a business can truly unleash its maximum potential, or not.

Those businesses that struggle…

Businesses that struggle usually do so because they operate in chaos and have little or no organisational framework.

These poorly organised businesses usually operate with high stress levels and have very disjointed processes.

These businesses usually operate with staff and owners being worried as to whether the business will survive, and this worry is often conveyed [by perception] to customers and clients and patients.

All the relationships are built on tension and stress.

Average businesses… [the hopeful]…

Average businesses, as we know, have a small degree of organisation that allows them to get by because they create an illusion of structure, but the relationships inside of an average business are just as stressful as those in a struggling business.

The business and the staff are working harder, and with longer hours, trying to make ends meet and to have the “occasional” win.

The businesses are still operated with high stress because any occasional wins are used to reduce overhead and are rarely celebrated or shared.

These businesses only get by because they have to.

Average businesses are not building powerful relationships and are still working with HOPE as their primary driver.

Good, competent businesses…

Good, competent businesses do operate with some form of framework.

They feel that what they have in place is good enough, and the relationships within the business, and with the customers, are ok.

They understand that their methodologies are far from complete, but they believe that the relationships within their business are adequate for what they are trying to achieve in their business.

Great businesses… [that are sought after]…

Lastly, the sought after well-respected great dental practices in their communities are where they are because they operate on a COMPLETE framework of WORLD-CLASS METHODOLOGIES that covers everything that can occur in a dental office. And the team are so empowered, and their relationships with each other and with their customers are so strong and so trusted that at any point in time anyone in that team can seamlessly swing into a systematic response that always has the customer in awe of the business’s stress free solutions.

A great business that has the framework of WORLD-CLASS METHODOLOGIES operated by a truly empowered team does not happen by accident.

The well-respected dental practices in your community have established their position of standing in your community due to a number of reasons, and having rock-solid relationships of trust is a very important one of those reasons.

So with that in mind, may I ask you a question…

On a scale from one to ten, how well do you believe that your dental office has ROCK-SOLID AND TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS, and has team members operating under a supportive framework that consistently produces only the best experiences for each of your patients, every time they visit your practice?

On the scale, a score of one is that you don’t believe your team relationships are up to standard, and a score of ten is a place where you and your team believe unconditionally that there is no other dental practice in your community that operates with such strong relationships as your practice does?

Where do you believe that your dental practice is on that scale from one to ten?

Our unique team building program, Building Ultimate Team Excellence, helps our clients create a World-Class Culture of respect and rock-solid relationships between all team members within their organisation.

Internal respect of team members within your organisation is maintained and grown by your team’s consistent world-class actions.

Building rock-solid team relationships based on respect is the second accelerator we apply to the lever that helps create a powerful team seamlessly using world-class methodologies and to operate more smoothly in a lower stress environment, helping your dental business on its way  to unleashing its maximum potential.


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