How To Not Go Out Of Business 101.

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was from a medical doctor who told me:

The Purpose of an Appointment is to Make Another Appointment.

This statement is profoundly correct.

If you want to stay in business you either need lots of new business or you need to create repeat business.

And if you want to create repeat business you need to create a compelling reason for that customer to re-engage with you and your business.

The hedge trimmer.

Have you ever marveled at those perfectly shaped and manicured English-styled Leightons Green hedges, and how well maintained they look?

The reason for that is because of the regularity with which those hedges are trimmed.

These hedges are trimmed regularly and routinely. They are not allowed to grow wild and out of control. If they grow out of control without regular tip pruning, then any subsequent pruning will result in a woody appearance. 

Putting it simply, to maintain their excellent appearance, they need to have regularly scheduled attention. 

They do not look nearly as good if they are allowed to grow to an “out of hand” condition and are then stripped back to a woody framework.

The hedge trimmer who has a bevy of regular clients who he services on a pre-arranged systematic basis will always have a more successful business to own, and keep, or sell, than the hedge trimmer who only provides services to clients who call when those clients feel like it is time for a visit.

Do you see the difference?

The business that gives its customers a reason for additional or continuous business will always be more secure and more successful than a business that does not and sits there and waits for the phone to ring.

The Medical Doctor.

The medical doctor who asks patients to return to review their condition and re-evaluate their health will be twice as busy as the medico who farewells his patients with a simple:

“Call me if that hasn’t resolved and is still bothering you…”

Are the medical patients receiving better care because of the follow on appointment being scheduled?

You bet they are, that’s for sure.

But its more than just the extra appointment…..

It’s really about your business showing that it cares about the wellbeing of its customers.

It’s about building relationship with your customers.

The more times you see your customers, the more times you have an opportunity to add to your relationship with them.

The more you see them, the more they will get to know you and like you and like what you do for them.

The less often you see your customers the more opportunity you give them to forget you and forget who you are and forget what a great job you do for them.

If you don’t value your customers they will leave you.

Give them time. Give them service. Anticipate their needs. Alert them to those things that have them valuing what you do for them.

The more times you see your customers the more opportunities you have to make them feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood.

Don’t ever take time spent for granted.

Time spent with customers is a valuable investment.


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