How To Reach The Top Three Percent In Your Profession

“Walk away from the 97% crowd. Don’t use their excuses. Take charge of your own life.” — Jim Rohn

This quote came back across my desk this week.

And it really has been a guiding principle for success in business for me.

There’s a corollary in life.


95% of the population get to age 65 and are unable to afford to retire to the lifestyle they have lived while working.

And Omer Reed said the same figure is true for dentists.

I read this week about a dentist who owns successful dental practices in several “less popular” areas that are not as ritzy or classy as other areas.

But he’s doing very well financially despite the fact that his dentist friends think he should be working in a more glamorous part of the world.

Put simply, he did his research, and it’s paying dividends for him.

Dan Kennedy says that if you want to know how to be successful in your business, just find out what everybody else in town is doing, and then do the opposite.

Because that point of differentiation is really what sets you out from the crowd.

So for marketing, if you live in an area where nobody is doing letterbox flyers for Dentists, then guess what?

There’s a huge opportunity to target that market.

Because there’s a reason why Coles and Target, and tree removers do letterbox drops *CONSISTENTLY*.

It’s because consistently they still work.

A great marketing piece will work if it gets put in front of the right people on a regular basis.

But most dentists send out one really poor piece and say letterbox drops don’t work.

Their piece has no Headline. It has no call to action. It has no WIIFM. And it has no information or story.

It’s vanilla.

97% of dentists are not doing good quality marketing.

97% of the population do not write down their goals, and review them on a daily basis.

99% of the population do not employ a coach for their lives or their businesses.

99% of golfers cannot break 95 for 18 holes.

It’s said that a lawyer who defends himself in court has a fool for a client.

And a business owner who tries to do it all on their own could fall into the same category.

The best surges that I had in my business career came at the times when I sought out coaches and used them, and the times that I regularly masterminded with the elite in my profession.

And by masterminding I do not mean screen time.

I mean hotel meeting room time.

97% of Dentists either don’t do continuing education or do only clinical CE, without any thought of the mastery of business.

And those that do focus on business focus too much on the business of business and not enough on the most vital component in that business.

And that’s the customer.

I built a very successful dental practice in an average working class part of Sydney by focusing my business entirely on pleasing the customer….

While the other 97% were not focusing on the technical, or nothing.

Focusing on anything but their customers..

Focusing on providing a consistent watertight World Class Customer Service Experience for your patients, and not just worrying about the technicalities of dentistry, will truly set your dental practice head and shoulders apart from those others in your area.

Remember people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you really care.

How much does your Dental Office really care?

Wonder why you’re at a sticking point in your business?

You’re probably hanging with the ninety seven percent.

That’s why….


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