How To Unleash Maximum Potential In Your Dental Practice

Being a business owner is really about making sure that your business reaches it’s true potential, because it really is an opportunity WASTED when a business fails to maximise its true value.

And owning a dental practice truly is a gift, and I want to see all dental practice owners REALISE that gift.

I believe that great dental practices like yours that serve their patients and customers well, TRULY DESERVE to enjoy PRODUCTION CERTAINTY and UNLEASH THEIR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.

And to do that successfully we really need to realise those three critical outcomes of

  • Greater profit
  • Smoother flow
  • Lower stress

Are any of those three things, greater profit, smoother flow and lower stress, important to you?

The Critical Outcomes.

So, if we think about greater profit and lower stress, the lever that we need to pull to activate these outcomes is really about having WELL-EARNED RESPECT in your community, in the marketplace.

And respect is really about moving your dental practice from having treatment plans that seem to never be believed by your patients to being a well-respected oral physician whose opinion and diagnosis is accepted and TOTALLY TRUSTED.

And if we can do that, we have the ability to improve our practice collections and therefore our profits, as well as reduce stress levels across the practice simply because of the increased demand created for the services that our practice provides to its valued patients.

On the other side of greater profit and smoother flow is the lever for creating a practice that is a WELL-OILED MACHINE, where our dental practice moves from a business that has only limited processes or no processes at all, to being a business created on a foundation of a complete collection of logical systems that allow patients to progress through the practice smoothly and efficiently and effortlessly.

And on the other side of smoother flow and lower stress is our WORLD-CLASS METHODOLOGIES lever. These methodologies are the ideals that we live by that transform our employees from being a chaotic rabble into becoming a truly POWERFUL TEAM who are always in total control and abreast of all situations. A powerful team always operates smoothly and effortlessly and successfully in what is always considered a very low stress environment.

So if our business is a well-oiled machine operating with world-class methodologies we are bound to have a business operating with much smoother flow.

And our World-Class Methodologies along with our well-earned respect we have gained in the community allow our business to operate more freely with dramatically lower stress levels than our competitors.

And it is our well-earned respect in the community coupled with the logical systems  that run our business as a well-oiled machine that truly allow our dental practice to operate far more profitably than otherwise thought of.

The well-earned respect that we gain, the world -class methodologies that we use and the well-oiled machine that we create in our business are what we call the three LEVERS that we need to be operating to create the critical outcomes of greater profit, lower stress, and smoother flow, that ultimately allow us to unleash the maximum potential of our dental practice.

Does that make sense to you?

The Accelerators.

We have three key accelerators for each of those levers.

And these accelerators are the things that we use to manipulate those levers to successfully make the things that we need to happen happen.

Well-earned Respect

Well-earned respect begins with belief, and self-belief.

Let me ask you a question…

On a scale from one to ten, how well do you believe and do your team members believe that your dental office is THE dental practice that everyone in your community should be visiting for their dental needs, where the number one is that you don’t believe you are and the number ten is a state of mind where you and your team believe unconditionally that there is no other dental practice in your community that any of your patients should be going to ahead of your practice?

For every dental practice to truly achieve well-earned respect within their community, first and foremost the entire organisation must certainly believe that no other dental practice nearby can be truly trusted by the community to work with their patients for the best outcomes for their patients.

We have a program called the Community Belief Toolset that we use to help our clients to improve how well their practice is respected within their community.

The second lever we have for creating well-earned respect revolves around the establishment of clearly visible frameworks and principles that your patients understand your business operates under and abides by. Where would you say your practice is on a scale where one is “we don’t have a framework” to ten being “our framework is truly world class”?

Finally, the third lever we work on to build well-earned respect in the marketplace is the creation of a renowned reputation, and living and breathing only those actions and principles that strengthen the reputation of our business and all of its employees within our community. We have a specific reputation acquisition tool that helps your practice to strategically build its reputation in the community in the most efficient way.

Well-oiled Machine

When it comes to running a business that operates like a well-oiled machine, the key accelerator that our successful clients use is a structured blueprint that clearly outlines all the detailed intricacies of the practice, along with the patient journey and all of the experiences those patients have each and every time that they visit and interact with your practice. So many practices out there operate without any blueprint whatsoever, and many just have what could only be described as a “back of the envelope” sketch as best.

And the real question is how easy is it for your team members to understand and consistently deliver the true genius of your processes and systems in a repeatable and duplicatable and error-free manner where a score of one is that you have no written systems at all, and a score of ten is where you have detailed processes that are easy to deliver consistently and also easily accessible to reference when needed.

And so The Ultimate Patient Experience that we have created operates under the principle that everyone on the dental practice team can consistently deliver a predetermined set of Experiential Standards to every patient at each and all of the fifty-seven steps or stages that the patient may find themselves in during one of their visits to our well organised dental practice.

And paramount in the delivery of this Ultimate Patient Experience is the edict that our business operates at Zero Risk for all that it does for our customers and patients and that we have a number of detailed series of structured Service Recovery processes that allow our team to seamlessly rectify any accidental Service Defect that can possibly occur during a patient’s visit that might impact unfavourably for the patient on the experience that we are trying so hard to create for them.

World-Class Methodologies

The levers for World-class Methodologies begin with our team’s and our business’s INTERNAL CULTURE and how strongly our team lives and believes in the practice’s SERVICE VISION and its CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ACTION STATEMENT. These drive the reason for each and every team member’s purpose and objective for being an integral part of your business, and serve as a rallying point for each team member that they all share as a common purpose within the business.

How clear are your team members on creating and working with and living by your practice’s Service Vision and Customer Experience Action Statement, where a score of ten is complete certainty and surety, and a score of one is that your practice does not have a clearly defined and written Service Vision and Customer Experience Action Statement?

A truly successful team in the work environment and in the sporting arena understand the importance of trust and relationships and know that each team member and each department have each other’s back, and are working for the solid good of the organisation.

And they know that the relationships that powerful teams create in business and in sport are not only internal, and that they also must be external and between team members and their fans and their loyal and faithful customers.

And the teams and individuals within an organisation understand that long term loyal relationships, both external as well as internal in business, are created by consistently going ABOVE AND BEYOND the expectations of those that we work with and those who we serve to please, and those Above and Beyond Moments are a series of detailed and repeatable WOW FACTORS that a business works hard to create as BEST PRACTICE  for their organisation.


Ultimately, we want our levers to be transforming our dental practices from offering treatment plans that were previously never believed and are now totally respected and trusted.

We are looking for our levers to transform our practice from having no processes at all to operating under repeatable logical systems, using World-class Methodologies that transform our staff from being a chaotic rabble and into a powerful unified team.

The well-earned respect that we gain, the world -class methodologies that we use and the well-oiled machine that we create in our business are the levers we need to be operating to create greater profit, lower stress, and smoother flow, that ultimately allow us to unleash the maximum potential of our dental practice, truly realising the gift that dental practice ownership presents to us.


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