How Well Respected Are You And Your Business?

I often hear dentists say that their dental practice is well-respected in their community.

How is respect for a business gauged?

Where do you go to measure the amount of respect that a community has for a business?

Is there a respectometer that measures this level of respect?

Is it like a thermometer or a sphygmomanometer?

How do we measure respect?


Reviews, and review sites, such as Trip Advisor reviews and Google reviews, are one way of measuring the sentiments of visitors to a particular restaurant, travel firm or destination, or business in general…


Reviews and review sites can be “manipulated” to create a specific result.

Reviews can be stacked, in a positive way, and in a negative way, depending upon who wants to have what sort of effect on a business.

A business owner could possibly ask for favourable reviews from people he knows who might never have visited his business. Similarly, competitive businesses could solicit a wave of poor reviews for one of their competitors’ businesses, from people who might never have been customers of those businesses.

I’ve even heard that companies running review sites have been found to “manipulate” reviews in order to have businesses purchase additional services from those companies.

But here’s the rub…

If you really want to see how well respected a business is in a community, then here’s two things that I’d be looking at:

Firstly, I’d look at who is doing business with that business, and how keen are they to do business with that business?

If a business is to exist, it must have customers, but it must have customers who are EXCITED to be doing business with that business.

For a dental practice, this means that the patients are making appointments, and are keeping appointments, and are wanting to come in sooner rather than later for their treatment.

And the patients are turning up on time for their appointments. They are punctual, and they respect the time of their dentists.

The patients appreciate their dental practice and they show this appreciation with their watches and their clocks, rather than with their wallets.

Secondly, if you really want to know how well respected a dental practice is in the community, then look at the punctuality of their staff.

Are the staff arriving early to work, and turning up for work invigorated and READY TO GO?

Are they turning up well-groomed and ready to meet and greet patients?

Or are the team meandering in like brown cows, arriving at a time that THEY FEEL suits them, with little respect for their employer?

Are the same staff keen to down tools and leave on the “stroke of five” when the whistle blows?

Or are they willing to work back if needed, to ensure that the job gets done properly? Do the staff know that what benefits the practice also [by trickle-down effect] benefits the team as well?

Sometimes the publicly displayed negative attitudes of the staff to their place of employment are a direct reflection of the internal thought processes and conversations going on.

Raising the morale in a business is easy. And the benefits of doing so are exponential, especially when it comes to respect.


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