How Your Dental Office is Bleeding Money and Two Ways To Stop The Bleeding, NOW!!

Dental Offices are Bleeding Money.

The trouble is in this day and age that dental offices are losing patients and customers at various points in their businesses and dentists have no idea where and why and how bad the damage is because they’re too busy just drilling teeth.

You see most dentists are caught up in the doing of dentistry and most offices are caught up in the systems of running the office that the true differentiator, the way that we make our customers feel special is being well and truly lost and left behind along the way.

Sure we’re nice here and there at various little points during their visits and appointments.

But if we don’t have a system, a truly watertight system for Wowing our patients and making them feel special, it just doesn’t matter any of the little things that we do here and there because a dropped ball is a dropped ball is a dropped ball.

Patients assume that all dentists do great dentistry.

And they assume that all dental offices know how to set up and tear down and file claims.

But what they really notice is how well they were looked after at their visit and how special they were made to feel.

My unique Ultimate Patient Experience programme helps d

Dental Offices build their own watertight leak proof Customer Service Systems that prevents patient leaks and retains and keeps far more satisfied clients.

And we all know that satisfied patients come more often, accept treatment more readily and spend more and refer more.

And that all goes towards improving the Dental Office’s bottom line.

And a healthy bottom line means a happier dentist.

And a happier Dentist means a happier place to work, and therefore means a happier team.

Because there’s more money to go around for the doc, for bonuses and raises, and even for more continuing education.

Retaining patients already in the practice is the easiest and simplest way of improving the turnover of Dental Office.

Because these are already acquired customers.

The marketing dollar to acquire these customers has already been spent.

They’re in the practice already.

And every time we lose one of these previously acquired customers it is then that the Dental Office has to spend again and dip into its own revenue and buy another replacement customer.

It’s the same on the front desk on the phone.

Every time a new patient enquiry rings your office, that’s a person, a living breathing person with a Dental issue that they need solving and they’ve already made the decision that they want your office to solve it.

That’s why they’ve called your office!!

They haven’t rung for a Pizza!


And yet a lot of Dental Offices view the phone as an interruption to their day.

When the ringing telephone should be viewed as an opportunity to help someone, to solve the dental problem of someone who has already made the decision that our Dental Office is the office they want to help them.

And that’s free money.

And failing to secure an appointment for that telephone enquiry means that the Dental Office now has to spend more money again over to acquire the next new customer.

And that bleeds money.

And its only then, only once the Dental Team realise that each lost opportunity is a drain on Dental Office resources and revenue, that an Office truly lifts to become Service Evangelists towards the movement, towards the purpose, towards the Cause, of Ultimate Service.

The Cause of creating a truly watertight Ultimate Patient Experience.

An Ultimate Patient Experience that Wows the Customer so much, that in their mind, this is the Only Dental Office that they will ever choose ever for all of their dental needs.

And its then and only then, when you create those thoughts in your patient’s minds that you truly realise that you have taken your Dental Office “out there”, to a whole new level.

You truly will have provided, an Ultimate Patient Experience.


The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb. If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report.

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